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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/2/2017 23:20
Reported: 8/5/2017 3:48:19 PM 15:48
Posted: 8/11/2017
Location: Chestertown, MD
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 minutes
Large silent grey aircraft, very low altitude and low speed, two bright white circular forward facing lights, no other green or red nav

July 2nd, at approximately 11:20pm- Chester River. I was on my boyfriend's sister's boat, we were towing my boyfriend's boat behind us, my friend was present, my boyfriends sister and her son were on her boat, my boyfriend was behind us on his boat. Her navigational lights were out, so she had her son shining a mag light in front of us.

The sky was fairly clear but there were some clouds ahead of us. We were all vigilantly looking in front and around us, but almost back to the dock, I was looking up at the clouds, and then I saw two bright white circular forward facing lights sort of emerge out of the cloud, like it had been inside the cloud then turned on the lights as it rose above the cloud.

The lights didn't light up any part of the plane or really anything in front of it, the were just bright circles that were far apart, almost like they were on the wings, but didn't see any wings. We all saw it, my boyfriend's sister at first said maybe it was a coast guard helicopter because of how it rose straight up, but then it started moving forward slowly over us. I almost thought it was a drone because it was totally silent, it was super eerie, we all were going what the hell is that, then she told her son not to shine the light at the plane, which kind of freaked me out. As it moved very slowly over us we were sort of able to see how low and big it was, I could make out what looked like a flat grey shape, but couldn't really tell what shape it was, I want to say triangular, but it was like the lights were so bright it seemed weird not to be able to see more of the plane. The plane was maybe 300-500 feet in the air and was big, definitely not a drone. It flew silently over us, I looked back at the boat we were towing behind us and my boyfriend was also looking straight up at it.

I was telling my two siblings about it the next day and they freaked out, they both said "oh my god, that's that boat we saw," apparently they had seen what they thought was a boat with two bright white circular wide set "headlights" probably 30 minutes before our sighting traveling very quickly over the water at my parents house, which is approximately 8-9 miles as the crow flies. They said they saw the lights moving over the water but didn't see a wake.

The way it moved really was weird, I'm sure it was probably some surveillance stealth plane.... we didn't see anyone else out on the water from the time my boyfriend's boat died right at dusk until we were off the water at 11:20ish.