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Occurred :
Reported: 8/9/2017 11:08:39 AM 11:08
Posted: 8/11/2017
Location: Overland, MO
Shape: Light
Duration:6 minutes
It seemed almost as if there was a car in the sky.

My friend and I were swimming at night and having a good time, while my dad was on the steps of my back porch, trying to replace a step. We were talking, being slightly loud. I looked behind some trees, over a few houses and saw two extremely bright lights, in the shape of car headlights.

For a few seconds, I brushed it off as an airplane type I had never seen before. I calmly pointed at the aircraft, telling my friend to look. When she turned around, the aircraft suddenly started moving to the right. Not like a normal plane, it wasn't at a steady pace. It looked like a car that was breaking down, but it was level to where it was before. Then it started moving faster and faster to the right. I screamed and told my dad and friend to get inside.

My friend and I struggled to get out of the pool, but I kept my eyes on the aircraft. It turned to the side, the lights then faced away from me, and went behind some trees. Two other lights, seemingly on the a! ircraft appeared. They were purple and green, much smaller and nowhere near as bright as the lights before. I waited for the aircraft to come out from the other side of the trees, but it didn't. I kept a close eye on it. My dad calmed us down, and we went back into the pool.

Jets and planes fly over my house a lot, but this one had an unfamiliar route and was too close to the ground to be an airplane trying to land, there were no airports close enough. Jets in my area have a square light formation, of white, red, and sometimes yellowish lights. Planes, however, with my airport, typically have red and/or blue lights. Pretty much any lights besides green and purple. Not to mention, the two brightest lights on planes typically are on the front, and are white.

Yes, that matched the discription, but how exactly did the plane remain still, and move to the right when it's front was facing us? If it was a plane, the lights on it's front would've been facing us, so I understand why it would appear still, but that doesn't really explain why it moved sideways, with no hesitation or normal movement of any other planes.

Anyway, we were back in the pool. Trying to have a good time, and ignore what we saw. I kept a close eye on the spot between the trees the entire time. I turned to talk to my friend, then spun back around and saw the lights again... in the exact same spot. I screamed my friend's name as I rushed out of the pool. The aircraft did the exact same thing once again.

When I was talking to my dad about it, who was trying to convince me it wasn't a UFO, for my good night sleep's sake, I pointed behind him and there it was again. It then, moved to the right, and disappeared behind the trees.

I feel as if we were being spied on. Every time I pointed at it, or started screaming, it left, then returned when I wasn't looking. It's incredible, but I've been followed by too many things like this. Also, no noise followed it. It was completely quiet.