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Occurred :
Reported: 8/28/2017 7:17:01 PM 19:17
Posted: 9/5/2017
Location: Copalis, WA
location spherical blue orb emitting sparkly blue laser beams of a deep blue color. hovering altitude approx. 500 to below 100 ft. Position translations of about 1/10 mile accomplished in less than 2 seconds. position translations did not seem to be inhibited by inertia. (no deceleration, one smooth move).

best guess the orb was i/3 diameter of moon. orb observed for 20 minutes during which time it made about 6 or 7 'translations' when it paused it hovered for longer than 5 minutes and blue laser beams were directed downward at mostly shallow angles. 3 of the movements or 'translations' started out smooth but sequenced into 4-5 zig-zags with smooth edges like a sine wave. when the orb reached the next station it was seen to bob up and down in place then stop.

no sounds accompanied the observation as it would a drone. the rapid movements observed rule out lighter than air contraptions.

((NUFORC Note: No time or date indicated by the source. We have attempted to contact him, but unsuccessfully. PD))