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Occurred : 9/7/2017 08:01 (Entered as : 9/7/17 08:01)
Reported: 9/8/2017 11:59:35 AM 11:59
Posted: 9/8/2017
Location: Aurora, CO
Shape: Disk
Duration:3 minutes
Disk Shaped Golden light moving different directions in the sky

Time Seen: 8:01 PM End time: 8:03 PM (Approximate time) Facing North-East
Location: Aurora, CO

I was cleaning my new car up, and it was starting to get dark, so I went ahead and started to clean the windows. After throwing some garbage away in a bag, I placed on the sidewalk next to my vehicle, I looked up at the sky randomly for some odd reason facing North East. I watched three airplanes fly ahead. But there was a fourth one… The fourth one was glowing a golden hue and had a smaller orb of golden light flashing on the upper left side. This smaller orb of light looked to be detached from the object but followed it in sync. It was glowing and the golden lights were together in a curved disk shape at the bottom of the object.  It was moving to the right quite slowly, then it stopped dead in its tracks. I sat there trying to calculate what I was seeing. Something was off about it. The other planes passing by had white and red flashing lights flying one direction, but this one stopped above the neighborhood above the tree line, lower in the level of the airplanes flying! past in the sky.

I then said aloud, "Alright, I see you B--- and I'm not afraid. If you are paranormal prove it!."

And it then moved to the left! The left side instead of the right! it commenced moving side to side as if it was proving its existence to me. I dropped everything that I was doing, ran inside to get my mom (She believes in UFO's and has seen some) I ran back out before she did and it was gone.  That was how I lost sight of the UFO. I made a digital art of what the UFO looked like so you can have a better visual preference. Sorry if it's not the greatest, I tried hard to re-paint it from memory.,h_433,al_c,q_80/file.jpg

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and she seemed to us to be exceptionally eloquent and sober-minded. We suspect that she is exceptionally reliable as a witness. PD))