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Occurred : 9/17/2017 23:04 (Entered as : 09/17/2017 23:04)
Reported: 9/19/2017 6:41:50 PM 18:41
Posted: 9/21/2017
Location: Plains, PA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2.5 hours
Lighted shape changing objected observed over 2.5 hours. 50+ minutes of video of event.

At 11:04 p.m. EST on 17 September, 2017, my mother yelled to me to look at the strange object in the sky. I grabbed my cell phone and went upstairs. We went to the deck in our backyard and she pointed out an object to the northeast in the sky. My first impressions were that it was changing colors and appeared to have multiple lights stacked in a vertical line.

I suggested we get binoculars to try to get a better look at the object. I used a pair of 8-16x magnification binoculars; my mother used a set of old Navy ship binoculars (magnification unknown). My mother was the first to find the object in the sky and stated the object was moving in seemingly random directions for very short distances. She also noted it was changing shape and left a "tail" as it moved. I was able to find the object in my binoculars also and made the same observation. We watched the object for a period of time.

We deduced it was not a star because of its movements and shape changes. The object was much brighter than the surrounding stars. We also assumed it was not a meteor because it did not follow a linear path. A plane was also ruled out for the same reason as a meteor.

After a period of observation with binoculars I decided to try to video tape the object with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S6). I was able to do so and attached one of three videos I took. I also took 13 photos, one of which was attached. I tried to file this report last night, but the MUFON server because non-responsive (probably because of the size of the attachments. The attached video is 7 minutes long. I have 2 other videos that are about 22 minutes each (22+22+7 = 51 total minutes of video).

During the event, I texted my sister and 2 brothers. My brother decided to drive over and observe the object. He arrived around 12:25 a.m. and left around 1:34 a.m. He observed the object the entire time. My mother and I both went into the house before my brother arrived. I came out to talk to him briefly before retiring to bed.

We have seen UFOs on 2 other occasions from the same location with a number of witnesses. The previous sightings were of a clearly visible disc object (seen twice). During one sighting, the disc was escorted by 2 other crafts, with an additional object moving towards the group of three as if to intersect the travel path.

Here is a link to the additional pictures and videos. This is my google drive. I also included some daytime photos for reference.