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Occurred : 9/10/2017 17:13 (Entered as : 09-10-17 17:13)
Reported: 9/23/2017 6:20:34 PM 18:20
Posted: 9/28/2017
Location: Goldsboro, NC
Shape: Disk
Duration:Trail Pic
My trail camera captured a picture of what appears to be some sorts of hovering, entirely metallic, drone shaped craft.

Checked my trail camera one day after this picture was taken. After words my buddy, his girl friend and I were all puzzled asking questions like: Could this be a pixilation? So far out of the cameras sensitivity range (50 feet) how was the picture triggered? (Object appears to be 70-80 yards away) Why was the clocked stopped?.

I feel like a seasoned outdoorsmen, but I've to make since of this picture, I'm still timid to hunt this area since the pic, please help.

((NUFORC Note: Object in photo is very strange, but we are unable to certify that it has anything to do with an alien spacecraft. The top of the object is the general shape of a quadcopter, we observe, but we cannot explain the "legs" that appear below the object. PD))