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Occurred : 10/1/2017 12:00 (Entered as : 10/1/17 12:00)
Reported: 10/1/2017 2:06:22 PM 14:06
Posted: 10/5/2017
Location: Baltimore, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 minutes
Circle like object UFO moves and does dance in sky.

I noticed it from my bedroom apartment building window, then I went up to the rooftop to see it as clearly as possible it ws extremely small from my vantage point but it ws like a star in the sky but it wasn't ... I look out this window every day and I am well aware of the positioning of the stars from my window ... at night but it was bright and beautiful weather and sunny... it started moving slowly then it would drift down slightly as if it were a balloon but it wasn't I am one HUNDRED Percent SURE !!! then it would drift up ward and stay put!!!! And I tryied to video and take pictures because people are so fickle nobody believes things of this sort but I wasn't seeing things that's for sure ... a plane would fly pass it and it would drift as if it was falling out of the ski then once the plane was pasted it would drift upwards as it it were going backwards in no particular direction but far off ... I did capture as much as I could I am still in awe of it I! had been waiting to see a UFO for as long as I can remember but looking upwards all the time isn't something a person in the city does that often if at all ... I wanted to share this because it intrepid and scary yet fascinating all at the same time