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Occurred : 10/18/2017 19:45 (Entered as : 10/18/17 19:45)
Reported: 10/19/2017 6:42:02 AM 06:42
Posted: 10/19/2017
Location: Metairie, LA
Shape: Disk
White luminous oblong disk speeding across Old Metairie, LA, sky from West to East, midway horizon.

Last night between 7:30--7:45 PM, I was sitting in my living room, in an upper apartment level that faces the southern sky over West Napoleon Avenue in Old Metairie, LA. My living room has a large glass sliding door that leads to a porch, and a large picture window, all facing south. My recliner faces both these windows.

Suddenly I saw a glowing, luminous white, oblong shaped disk, streak across the sky at an incredible speed midway or a little higher above the horizon. It traveled from West to East. By the time I jumped up and crossed the few feet to reach the glass door window, it had disappeared from sight.

For years now, I have been able to see airplanes, jets, helicopters flying in the sky from this view. None of them were ever shaped like this, glowed, or traveled at such speed.