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Occurred : 10/26/2017 23:29 (Entered as : 10/26/17 23:29)
Reported: 10/30/2017 2:25:13 PM 14:25
Posted: 11/3/2017
Location: Manning, SC
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds or less
On October 26, I was on the phone with my sister. I was smoking a cigarette on the deck as I spoke on cell. Facing north, observing the clear, starry sky, a burst of whitish-yellow light shot across the sky at breakneck speed. As it continued eastward, almost like an explosion, the original light split into two smaller lights of identical color. One veered left, the other veered right. Both lights vanished as quickly as they had appeared. No sound accompanied any of the lights.

All of this lasted maybe ten secs. The light was not blinking. It was only one color. It was ABSOLUTELY VOID OF SOUND!! It was 11:29 PM Eastern time.

We live approximately an hour & thirty minutes from Fort Jackson. We are familiar with the sounds of fighter jets and military flyovers. What I saw was faster than ANY FIGHTER JET, was closer than I've ever seen a fighter jet appear without emitting sound. It was both terrifying and completely amazing to witness. Two smaller beams of noiseless, unblinking lights INSTANTLY SPLIT from one large light. I am not crazy. I consider myself a reasonable human being. I know what I saw.

Unfortunately, it happened so fast and my mind was trying to process what I was witnessing-I did not have time to record moment. I was in utter disbelief.

Afterwards, waves began to heavily lap on shores of north and south side of lake. There was zero wind on this night.