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Occurred : 9/9/2017 19:30 (Entered as : 9/9/2017 19:30)
Reported: 11/10/2017 12:28:04 PM 12:28
Posted: 11/17/2017
Location: Parker, CO
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 seconds
Round UFO seen and then a strange being caught in a photo around the time of the sighting

I was at a friend’s birthday party in Parker CO on 9/9/17. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure of the time, but I’m guessing it was between 7:00pm–8:00pm because the sun was starting to set.

Most of the people at the party were in the backyard listening to music and getting ready to eat some BBQ, while a few others were inside watching a college football game. When the BBQ chef loaded up the platter of meat from the grill, pretty much everyone moved inside to eat as the wind picked up a bit. But I stayed outside with the birthday girl because I just lit up a smoke.

Anyway, I was looking up at the sky and telling my friend how much clearer the sky was in Parker as opposed to Denver because of all the light pollution we get living in the city. Just as I said that, I spotted a satellite moving from East to West. I pointed it out to my buddy and told her something along the lines of, “see, you can see satellites on clear nights like this.” She agreed and that was that.

About 2 minutes later, I was still sky gazing and I see what I think is another satellite coming from the same direction and heading in the same direction as the first one. I again pointed it out to her, but just as I did, I immediately realized that this light was much brighter, larger (3x’s the size as the first one) and much faster. I said, “Whoa, that’s no satellite! That thing is moving way too bright and way too fast to be a satellite.” She immediately said, “Yeah, that’s completely different from we what we just saw!” We talked about it for a couple more minutes and then we jumped to talking about her new house. We saw no other UFOs that night.

Here’s where things get REALLY weird and make no sense.

On evening 10/30/17, I was watching MNF and something told me to pick up my phone and view the photo gallery (I’ve only had this phone since August and I didn’t have many pictures on it. But I recently saved a throwback photo that my best friend texted to me on 10/23/17, and I immediately saved it to the gallery. At the time I saved the photo I knew what exactly what was on my phone as there weren’t many pictures saved on it), and so I did. I discovered a photo that wasn’t there when I last looked on 10/23/17, so I immediately opened it up. It was a strange picture of a man that I’ve never seen before. Not knowing who he was and not knowing where this picture came from, I went to the gallery data on the phone and it said that the picture was taken on 9/9/17 at 7:13pm.

I didn’t remember taking any pictures at the party, and I only remember taking my phone out 2 xs’s to check the time, but I did not take any pictures, nor had I seen this man at the party. There were around 20 people at the party and I knew almost everyone there, but the guy in the picture was not someone I remembered seeing there that night.

I sent the picture to my friend who owns the house and I asked her if he was at the party that night. She said that she had no idea who he was and then asked me, “And what is that light??” There’s a weird light in the center of the picture that looks like a small orb flying through the air. The weird guy is at the bottom of the photo and you can only see his face, which is scary looking! My buddy and I thought maybe he was in front of a window, but we were merely guessing because the photo doesn’t offer much detail to explain where it was actually taken. I have shared it with a few co-workers, but two of the people I showed it to said that it looked like it had been taken outside and not inside. Those two people are a sheriff’s deputy and a probation officer. Interestingly enough, I think they’re right.