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Occurred : 12/16/2017 19:00 (Entered as : 12/16/2017 19:00)
Reported: 12/17/2017 8:06:40 PM 20:06
Posted: 12/21/2017
Location: Sault Ste Marie (outside of)(Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:>1.5 hours
Low flying, flashing lights in the fields in the country.

My mom and I are driving towards the highway in the country and see an extremely bright light that was flashing (like one of those sparklers where you can light it and hold it until it burns out) and moving really quickly. It went flying over and past the car so we decided to take some back roads and see how far we could follow it, it was flying pretty low to about the treetops. It changed direction in a jerky way and would disappear and appear beside where it was last when it would change direction. We followed it for about 4-5 minutes and lost sight of it. We kept driving down the back roads though and in about two or three of the fields we saw a low flying and moving flashing light. These weren't as bright as the first one and they were more flashing colors instead of the sparkler light color. These would blink and flash a few colors, like red and white and move quickly around the field until we kept driving because it would fly to a point we couldn't see it anymore (like it would disappear and one was flying through the field just passing it, it seemed like). There were NO houses around, NO reflective lights or light poles, NO kind of Christmas decorations. These were in empty fields.