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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/9/2017 07:10 (Entered as : 12/09/2017 07:10)
Reported: 12/27/2017 12:59:41 PM 12:59
Posted: 1/18/2018
Location: Washburn, ND
Shape: Formation
Duration:25 seconds
Three star sized orbs in orbital pattern around Ursa Major star Alioth.

Approximately 7:10am 9th December 2017 two male occupants on a hunting outing were traveling northwest of Washburn, ND, on a section line road. Both men exited the vehicle and looked north into a clear and calm northern sky. The Constellation Ursa Major or the "Big Dipper" was in very clear full view. Both men very clearly saw activity around the brightest star of the handle portion of the Constellation. The star Alioth appeared to have 3 objects orbiting in a similar manner protons orbit a nucleus. The objects stayed the same relative distance from each other as they chased each other in opposite proximity. For instance, one object would be above and the other below, or east while the other west. The objects moved in their orbit at a speed similar to a candle flickering. The objects orbit covered about one or two degrees of sky or similar to making an inch with thumb and index finger and extending one's arm as a scale.

The activity may have been ongoing prior to the witnesses sighting as the event was viewed as it ended. The time of witness and end was approximately 30 seconds. The objects broke the orbiting pattern and moved away from each other about 3 degrees before flashing and fading out. The fade away left visible tales or streaks in the sky and faded away.

One witness is well versed in aircraft, flight patterns and abilities both commercial and military. The flight characteristics of the objects were very precise and calculated. The patterns and characteristics could not be duplicated with any known aircraft. Witness is knowledgeable in general astronomy and phenomenon.