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Occurred : 12/24/2017 23:50 (Entered as : 12/24/17 23:50)
Reported: 12/26/2017 11:15:47 PM 23:15
Posted: 1/18/2018
Location: Palm Desert, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:1-2 minutes
3-4 multi- colored lights -some flashing ,connected by a frame, SILENT, maybe an angular or triangular shape. Flew high & low

Turning off of the 111 highway in Palm Desert, CA onto Country Club Drive, before midnight on Christmas Eve, I could not help notice lights in the sky, multi- colored lights coming towards my vehicle up Country Club Dr. (towards my direction) I stopped my vehicle in the street as it was dark and late and no cars were around. I thought it was a Xmas or holiday blimp or something (signage- a message being displayed) because some of the lights were flashing. I saw white, green and possibly a red light-3 or 4, connected by a frame. As it got closer, the object descended quite low so I could see that it was definitely not a small plane! I kept staring, baffled. I turned the car radio and heater off and opened up my sun roof and driver's window to listen to the object, but it was silent. I heard nothing, no engine. I did not even think to take a photograph because I believed that as it got closer, I would be able to identify what is was. Then it ascended back! very high in the sky and seemed to travel or float west torwards the 111 highway or mountains, or maybe to the Palm Springs Intl Airport (although it was not a small plane to the best of my knowledge). I don't believe it was a drone , either. The shape of it, I would have to say, was at an angle or a bit triangular. I'm sorry now that I did not take a photo. I had the opportunity.