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Occurred : 12/20/2017 21:20 (Entered as : 12/20/2017 21:20)
Reported: 12/30/2017 10:49:34 PM 22:49
Posted: 1/18/2018
Location: Somerville, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 minutes
Strange bright lights seen in Ohio skies by Orion's Belt.

On Dec 20 2017 my dogs were acting like they heard something outside so I let them out and looked to see what had them wanting to go out. I saw nothing in the yard. As I waited on the dogs I looked up at the sky to look at the stars and to the left of Orion's Belt in the northeastern skyline, I saw two very bright lights, much brighter then all the stars in the sky, moving very slow. At one point they stopped for a long time. They stayed in the same spot for several minutes looked to be at least 10,000 feet high off the ground. There was no sound coming from them. At times they looked to change shape and color changing from white to green and back to white. They also would blink and at times white straight lines would come out of it going in all directions around it. Jets were seen at different times and could be heard 3 times. At this point I had my wife come over and look to see if she could see what I was seeing in the sky to the east of our home. We used bo! th a small telescope and a hunting rangefinder. The telescope didn't work well but with the rangefinder the lights were seen very well. They looked to be blinking white and green kind of like fireworks and a round bright white light circled one of the objects several times and then vanished. Knowing I had never seen this before I wanted to get it on film so I grabbed my phone so I could get it on film. Strange thing with my eyes I could see both but with camera only one would show up. I also took a short video. The one to the left vanished. It was a very quiet night and no sound could be heard except when the jets were seen. Later on when watching the video a strange sound could be heard at times. something like a pulsing sound. Also when examining the photographs two triangle shapes can be seen with a grey shape below them. The whole event lasted about 20 minutes.