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Occurred : 3/20/2018 22:30 (Entered as : 03/20/18 22:30)
Reported: 3/23/2018 4:32:12 AM 04:32
Posted: 3/23/2018
Location: Wellington, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:12 minutes
A stationary red light which emitted a bright flash after 10 minutes high above the sky and changed colors.

On March 20, 2018, at 10:15pm, in Wellington, Florida, I was walking my dog in the neighborhood. As I looked up at the star filled sky toward the east, I noticed a red light sitting in one place almost straight up (1:00 o’clock setting).

I watched the object for 10 minutes with no movement what so ever as planes flew high overhead and low overhead not far from Palm Beach International airport. This object was miles high and pulsing a red light every other second. Suddenly two red beams came out of the object east and west some hundred yards from the object but they traveled equidistant from the centered object and stopped.

Then the light pulsed blue and the object moved over to the east a bit further, hovered for another 3 or 4 minutes and then just disappeared. No weather balloon does that type of movement nor does it send out a microburst of light side to side that stops. A helicopter cannot go that high, ever! There was no sound.