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Occurred : 6/1/1983 16:00 (Entered as : 06/01/1983 16:00)
Reported: 4/2/2018 9:54:48 PM 21:54
Posted: 4/5/2018
Location: Detroit, MI
Shape: Oval
Duration:15 minutes
(Mid-1983) In my backyard on clear, warm afternoon day on East-side of Detroit with 2 friends, looking up we spotted an oval shaped UFO with bright, solid light hovering for 5 minutes without sound. At that point 6 or 7 smaller bright-light objects came out of the larger ship and circled the craft. Appeared to be circling 100 yards or so from the larger craft. Lasting approximately 10 minutes, the objects then returned one-by-one inside the main craft. One minute later the craft accelerated so quickly it disappeared within seconds, again no sound whatsoever. We couldn't believe what we saw. Being only 14-15 years of age we called the Detroit police who quickly dismissed us.

Plane, Blimp, Weather Balloon, Helicopter? Absolutely not. We never read anything about the sighting in the paper or saw any TV news reports.