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Occurred : 9/14/2017 18:50 (Entered as : 09/14/17 18:50)
Reported: 4/26/2018 9:54:26 AM 09:54
Posted: 4/26/2018
Location: Northfield (Canada), QC
Shape: Circle
Duration:25 minutes
Bright light, with glimmering centre almost like pure electricity. Circular

I had gone for a walk after dinner at my parent's cottage and headed towards an empty campsite, wherein they had been undergoing some renovations and recently built a basketball court, which I felt like shooting some hoops. After a few shots, I looked up at the sky to notice a very bright light. Thinking it to be a plane, I continued to watch it. Although it left no contrails, no sound and did not appear to be moving. It was at the altitude of a hobby craft but I could not discern a particular shape. This was about 1850 in the evening, the sun was still up and not a cloud or star in the sky.

I walked back to our cottage while keeping a close eye on the craft so not to lose sight of it. Upon my return I prompted my father to take out his phone and open the "Sky Map" app so we could figure what this was, while I grabbed the telescope.

Using a 26mm doubler I focused in on the craft and was shocked. It was perfectly round, had a golden/purplish hue around it, while the center was almost transparent and had a shimmer of what looked to be ripples of light in the middle. While with the naked eye, it did not seem to move, yet through the telescope, I would have to adjust it to follow it.

My father and sister both looked through and were stumped as to what it could be, and offered suggestions such as the ISS or a weather balloon. However, my fathers phone was not responding to any prompts and my battery was near dead; I had managed to take a photograph of it with my phone and could not get a clearer image through the telescope. Two neighbours further down the way came by and looked at it. They were both somewhat drunk and almost nonplussed by it. My dad, sister and I continued to watch it for another 20 minutes until we lost sight of it over the treeline. We have some hobby crafts that fly to and from the lakes in the region, but this was certainly not one of them. I noticed it in the West, and it flew South. Over an area that would take a Cessna aircraft about 1 minute to fly over, this object took 25 minutes.

The next day, still wondering what I had seen, I went for a walk past the campsite and along an ATV trail. About 3km from where I had the original sighting, I stopped, heard a small sound and looked up to see a very fast, very black craft whoosh over me and turn abruptly. It resmebled that of a goose, with a long neck and curved wings, but geese cannot glide. I am willing to concede it may have been a drone, but we are nowhere near a military or airforce base, and the closest airport is some 80km away and mostly caters to hobby craft.

About a month prior to this event(s), I was at the cottage by myself and looking out over the water when I had noticed a blinking red orb. It "blinked" twice in a span of 5 minutes. It could've been a flare but stayed and blinked in the same place and had no trail. It was quite cloudy that night, and appeared over an area where there is an abandoned farm.