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Occurred : 7/1/2018 23:20 (Entered as : 7/1/2018 23:20)
Reported: 7/2/2018 10:33:35 AM 10:33
Posted: 7/5/2018
Location: Roseville, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 minutes
I saw a large, reddish orange ball of fire, moving at the speed of a helicopter.

I am a 68 year-old, male. I have a professional degree and have owned a small business for more than 20 years. I have never seen anything like this before.

I stepped outside on the front step/porch to grab a smoke before heading to bed. It was approximately 11:20 PM (23:20). The date was July 1, 2018.

A reddish-orange, round object caught my eye in the southwestern sky. It appeared to be hovering over the State of Minnesota Fair Grounds, about two miles away from my house. With the Fourth of July just days away, I assumed someone was shooting fireworks at the Fair Ground, and the object I saw was the first shot of a fireworks display. It appeared to be at an elevation I’ve observed before where a ball of fire is shot into the sky and after reaching a certain height, it explodes into a floral arrangement or a starburst.

I waited for it to explode and burst into stars and other bright objects. To my surprise, however, it did not explode. Instead, moved higher in elevation and took a path to the northeast.

At this point I’m asking myself one question, “What is this?” Its elevation continued to rise as it moved across the sky in a northeasterly direction. I assumed it must be a distressed jetliner, helicopter, or airplane, and that it was going to crash somewhere off to the northeast.

All I could make out was a large round ball of fire….large enough to be a jet, a helicopter, or a plane, but I could not discern any shape; no wings, no tail wing, no helicopter rotor. So I had to change my assumption and could no longer say that it looked like an object that was ablaze.

I live in an area that is beneath a moderately used flight path for jetliners departing the Twin Cities Metropolitan Airport, which is several miles south and west from my house. The departing flights are gaining elevation as they pass over my neighborhood but are close enough that they can clearly be identified by their fusiform shape and wings. They are close enough that on occasion cabin lights can be made out.

Occasionally a helicopter will fly overhead. I’ve always suspected that these are medical-related helicopters travelling between two hospitals; one south and east from my house, and the other to the northwest.

I mention this about jetliners and helicopters to let you know I am familiar with aircraft that have flown over my house and are within view from my yard. I know what they look like, how fast they travel when they are within view, and how they sound.

The object I saw was travelling about at the speed of a helicopter, but there was no sound….no engine roar, no propeller sound, and no rotor sound. I followed it as it deliberately moved across the sky to the northeast, never altering direction. I followed it until it disappeared beyond the horizon.

No one was with me when this sighting occurred.