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Occurred : 7/5/2018 22:45 (Entered as : 07/05/18 22:45)
Reported: 7/6/2018 10:10:20 PM 22:10
Posted: 7/13/2018
Location: Rochester, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:15 minutes
Orb of yellowish light that turned blueish green. Disappeared and reappeared 3 times in night sky.

In the clear Western sky, I saw what looked like a very bright star or planet, but it was more yellow than white and seemed to flicker. I watched for a minute or two and it disappeared then reappeared.

I went outside and took some pictures and video with my phone. Zooming in it was definitely not a star or planet. It changed colors and seemed like a light with a glowing aura that changed colors, yellow to a blueish green and back to yellow. Each time it appeared it would be in the same vicinity, but not in the exact same place. It stayed in the same place but appeared to me moving in place if that makes sense.

I filmed for 42 seconds and it disappeared on film. I did not move the phone. Then it came back for a third and final time and I filmed for over 3 minutes zooming in and out to try to get a better focus. I stopped filming and then filmed another minute or so and it appeared to be moving and fading in and out until it disappeared again.

On the 3 minute video, an anomaly occurred that was only evident after viewing it after the fact. There is one second that something like a cloud or a vapor passes closely in front of the camera, but the orb never disappears in the far distance. There were no clouds or mist around me while filming so I have no idea what it was.

About 20 minutes after it disappeared completely, large aircraft began circling the area where I saw it and I also have some footage of that, too. The only thing going on that night near that vicinity was the Indian Reservation was setting off some loud fireworks, but nothing like you see on the 4th of July. It looked more like lightening. This orb was off to the right a good distance away and low in the sky, but high enough for me to think it was a star or a planet.

Most people are telling me it's a drone, but I haven't seen footage of drones behaving in this manner or that were this large.

I am willing to share the footage, but I don't see where to upload it to this report. Please let me know if you would like to see it.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))