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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/4/2018 21:30 (Entered as : 07/04/18 21:30)
Reported: 7/8/2018 10:03:47 AM 10:03
Posted: 7/13/2018
Location: Dewey Beach, DE
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 hour
07/04/18 at approx. 9:30 when the first annual Dewey Beach fireworks show started. Most people watching the fireworks on the Dewey/Rehoboth beach were looking westwardly towards the Dewey Beach water tower so the amount of witnesses is still unknown....13 crafts of various shapes, sizes, and colored lights appeared right above the water. All of them were able to move straight up, down, left and right with ease and precession. Smoother than a drone and were able to fly great distances (miles or more) across the beach and out over the ocean. It appears that the ufos observed the source of the noise (fireworks) and lights then they moved in the direction of Cape May (also having fireworks). When the fireworks were over they all left at the same time and the same direction out to sea.

The red sphere was huge and seemed to scan the area.

The diamond shaped UFO had a rectangular bright white light (like a large window) at the front tip., the other three tips had inconsistent flashing lights with seemingly no pattern or correlation. The lights would flash colors like red to white, just red, and just green. while some of the other lights were just solid red, green, or white.

From a distance they were like dots of light, as they got closer and flew slowly, directly over us, they appeared to be square/diamond shapes.

None of the UFOs did not made noise. Some moved individually, some moved in pairs, but as they departed they headed in the same direction. They appeared to mimic planes. We believe that the lights served as either a communication tool with one another or as a way to disguise themselves as air planes. Based on the movement and size of the crafts, they were piloted directly, not remotely .

However, with the technology we have available to us today, it's movements are not consist with a modern day piloted aircraft. Again, the UFOs more drone in it's horizontal and vertical movements. None of these observations occurred under the influence. The planet Mars was very visible and not to be confused with this UFO event.