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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/30/2018 03:20 (Entered as : 073018 03:20)
Reported: 8/2/2018 1:20:03 AM 01:20
Posted: 8/10/2018
Location: Muskego, WI
Shape: Changing
Duration:~30 minutes
Bright Star Moving & Changing Shape (Square Circle Triangle) Along With Numbers Letters And Symbols

In the early morning of July 30th, at around 0320, as I laid down in bed, I noticed a particularly bright star in the Southern sky, to the right and lower than the moon, but thought nothing of it, besides how bright and pretty it was. However, when I took off my glasses, laid my head on my pillow, and opened my eyes to look towards it once more, the entire area was no longer a star, it contained a kaleidoscope of numbers, letters, and symbols I couldn't identify or make sense of. To check if it was my vision, I'd close one eye at a time and look with the other, but each eye still saw the same thing independently. It was completely bizarre. Then I grabbed my glasses to look at it, but through my glasses it only looked like a star. I took my glasses off again and back were the numbers, letters, and symbols. I did this repeatedly over and over until I finally woke my husband up because I couldn't fall asleep wondering what I was watching! He was too tired to get up and look, but I got out of bed, picked up my cell phone, and started to record at 0338. The first recording was only about 3 minutes in length and was just testing to see if the star would show up, which it did. I also panned from the moon to the street lights and then to the star to try for an estimation of distance. We live in a house in a suburb and have a clear view of the night sky. I zoomed in as much as my cell phone allowed. For the second recording, about double the length of time, starting at 0343, I placed my elbows on my dresser to steady the cell phone. It took me several seconds to steady myself and to find the star again. Unfortunately, just like when I had my glasses on, the recording did not show any kaleidoscope of letters, numbers, or symbols, which I only saw without my glasses. After I stopped the second recording, the “star” was still doing the same thing. At that point, I assumed it might just go on like that all night, and I was just! too tired to keep watching, so I had to go to bed. In watchi! ng the r ecording, the next day, I was able to enlarge the video further by using my pointer finger and thumb on my phone’s screen. It was amazing to see how fast it was and the random patterns and shapes. I’ve never seen something like this; it was intriguing, but it also made me a bit uneasy. I didn’t want to report it because I’m sure it sounds crazy, but I can assure you that I am not crazy. When my husband also saw the recording the next day, he had no idea how to explain it, and subsequently the two other people I’ve told are clueless as to an explanation as well. I will look on your website to find out how to upload the recordings. Did anyone else see this in my area? Has anyone had a similar experience seeing a kaleidoscope of letters, numbers, or symbols? Any help from anyone would be very appreciated. Thank you!