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Occurred : 5/5/2018 04:45 (Entered as : 05/05/2018 4:45)
Reported: 9/5/2018 6:06:15 AM 06:06
Posted: 9/13/2018
Location: Louisville, KY
Shape: Light
Duration:Until sunrise
My son woke me up around 4am, crying. I got him back to sleep and stepped outside for a cigarette. The moment I stepped outside my patio door, something in the night sky caught my eye.

I look up and notice one very bright unusually placed 'star' in the sky. It was very low, just above the horizon line. It was flashing. And I don't mean twinkle twinkle, it was flashing brightly what seemed to be blue-ish/ yellowish colored lights. So I took out my phone and started recording. At this time I noticed 2 other stars doing the exact same thing only they were further away, higher in the sky and not flashing as brightly as the one low to the horizon. The shape was triangular with the brightest 'star' at the bottom or tip. It did not move across the sky however I did hear a far away humming sound. My dog kept looking out the window with her tail down between her legs crying.

I have video footage.

I have been noticing a lot of strange things in our skys recently. I have a weird feeling that something bigger than us is coming. And I am not one of those creepy end of the world is nearing people.