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Occurred : 9/11/2018 10:30 (Entered as : 09/11/18 10:30)
Reported: 9/19/2018 11:06:14 AM 11:06
Posted: 9/27/2018
Location: Moberly, MO
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 hour
Large object and fast flying orbs spotted in the sky above Moberly on September 11th.

Sphere object described as being white to silver held static in the sky but changed shape some. The object was seen nearly straight overhead very high in the sky, north-west of the sun's position. The object then slowly moved off north until out of sight. This lasted for at least an hour. There were at least 6 white "orbs" spotted during this time as well, flying at a high rate of speed silently heading south to north. They were spaced out some and not close to each other. These were overhead but not as high in the sky as the large object. Maybe a few hundred feet up. At least one was seen heading back south, then diverted upwards toward the object and disappeared out of sight. Many people saw this incident and a couple of pictures were taken of the object high in the sky, but there not much detail to be made out. Some said they could see something on the sides of the large object that were described as antenna shaped or fin-like. There were other aircraft seen coming toward the area of the main object, but did not interfere and passed by.