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Occurred : 9/18/2018 20:52 (Entered as : 9/18/18 20:52)
Reported: 9/19/2018 11:55:20 PM 23:55
Posted: 9/27/2018
Location: Aberdeen, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:3 minutes
Bright light slightly reddish in color in the obstructed view I had of night sky. Evidence suggest it was waiting and watching me.

UFO Sighting 9/18/18 Approx. time of sighting 9:52 P.M. 9:55 P.M I’m out hunting elk by myself on the Washington State coast. I’m hunting on Weyerhauser property located along Hwy 101 between the towns of Aberdeen and Raymond. At the mile marker 69 on highway 101 there is a locked Weyerhauser gate. The gate is located on the East side of the hwy. I was driving the gravel roads hunting elk in the vast forest east of highway 101 behind the locked gate at mile marker 69.

After an uneventful evening hunt, I decided to go to sleep early. Once the evening hunt was over and it got dark I decided to look for a place to park my pickup truck with canopy, so I could get to sleep and get up early for the morning hunt. I’m driving east on Sprucedale Road and I take a left onto a lesser traveled road at mile marker 10. I drive on the side road for about 2 to 4 miles. I come to a crest of a small hill and find a small semi flat grassy spot surrounded by taller trees. Because of the taller trees, most of the view of the night sky was obstructed. I didn’t check a compass but I believe my truck was facing west, and the rear of the truck was facing east. It took me a few minutes to view the area and turn my truck around so I could park on a semi flat spot, with my head slightly elevated. Once I parked, I gathered some stuff to get ready for bed like my cell phone flashlight and pistol. Once I felt I had everything I needed, I shut off the truck engine and headlights.

I exited the truck and walked behind the truck. I had my back to the back tailgate of my truck and I was facing what I think was East. I had to pee. My view as I was standing there peeing was the gravel road as it went down the hill in the opposite direction of the way I traveled in. Since there were no trees on the road itself. The road provided a small opening in the sky. I didn’t see anything unusual at all. I could hear some wrestling in the brush about 30 yards in front of me. Probably a small animal.

I finished my business and I opened the truck canopy and, crawled over the tailgate into the truck bed. I spent the next maybe 2 minutes or less situating my sleeping bag and getting my shoes off. I get into my sleeping bag then I notice it. I left the damn dome light on. Crap, it's not going off. I must have left it on when I was gathering stuff for bed. I get out of bed slip on my shoes open the canopy door and crawl out. I walk over to the driver door open it and turn off the dome light. Finally, I can go to bed and get some sleep. I shut the truck door and turn to go to the rear of the truck.

That’s when I see it. In the small opening in the sky I was just looking at a moment earlier when I was peeing now has a fairly bright slightly reddish color light in the sky. It seemed the light was perfectly situated in the center of the opening from my perspective. It seemed kind of shapeless, just light, then at times it looked as if it had a subtle square shape. Mostly it looked like light and the shape was difficult to see. No noise.

My first though was wow what the heck, that must be Venus, but it seems just a bit too large. It was much smaller than a full moon for perspective. I’m looking at this light and it seems to be moving wildly but slowly in a fairly large space in the sky it was maintaining. Although it looked like it was moving, its general location in the sky was fixed. I’m thinking is it really moving or is it that twinkle phenomenon that a star or planet gives off to give the illusion that its moving. I am now trying to figure out if it is moving as well as the distance from me. As far as the distance from my naked eye it seems like it might be closer than a planet would be. At some point it looked as if the light was only 100 feet in the air. I held myself and my head very still and looked at the tree tops and the distance from the tree tops to the light. When I did this the light appeared to be motionless in the sky. After I did this I didn’t see any more movement as if it stopped when I really focused on its movement. This was confusing because it looked like it was really moving. I walked back to the truck and grabbed my binoculars from the dash. I looked at the light in my binoculars and I thought wow it seems further away than with the naked eye and a bit crisper, so maybe it is Venus after all I told myself. I was going back and forth viewing this with binoculars and naked eye, trying to analyze what I was seeing.

Just when I had convinced myself this was Venus, poof it vanished. It was instantaneous, I was staring at it intently and all of a sudden nothing was there. Ok that freaked me out a bit, I almost dropped the binoculars. That is defiantly not Venus or any other planet or star. It didn’t dawn on me until after it was over, when I was analyzing the light to try and determine if it was a planet. I forgot that I was just looking at that spot in the sky while I was peeing moments prior and there was nothing there so had I realized that I could have ruled out a planet right away.

When it vanished, it didn’t fly off or streak away. There was no left right up down movement at all. It was there then it was gone it just disappeared from sight instantly. There was a weird detail at the very instant it disappeared the night sky in that area seemed to go a shade lighter. I thought holy crap, that didn’t even look real. The light change was very subtle but I seen it. It reminded me of older movies where the eye could pick up the subtle change in the scenery when they cut and splice scenes. I thought the light change was like a reset or something. It almost looked fake like a movie but not. Omg maybe I was abducted and they just dropped me back off.

Moments after it vanished, I jumped in the back of the truck bed and grabbed my cell phone and pistol. I was a little freaked and excited. I got into the cab started up the truck and drove away. I checked the time to see if unknowingly hours had gone by. There was no unexplained time loss. I felt like I was only on the site for about 10 minutes. I called my wife to tell her what had just happened as soon as I got a block or so from the site. The call was made at 8:56 pm.

I drove back to the gate on highway 101. I drove down the road to the park and ride about 10 miles north of the gate. I slept the rest of the night in the back of my truck at the park and ride.

The strange light was there in view for 2 or 3 minutes total. Its creepy to think about but If I hadn’t left the dome light on I would never have seen it. I would have just gone to sleep. It seems as if it waited for me to get into bed before it appeared, because it didn’t appear until I got in the truck bed and shut the canopy door, as if it was waiting for me to get in so I wouldn’t see it show up to watch me.

The next morning I went back to the exact spot to investigate in the daylight. I seen nothing but forest. I don’t know what it was. I never seen it appear, but I did see it disappear.