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Occurred : 8/14/2013 23:00 (Entered as : 08/14/2013 23:00)
Reported: 10/3/2018 6:01:58 AM 06:01
Posted: 10/6/2018
Location: Palmyra, NY
Shape: Cigar
Duration:~15 minutes
Me and my dad were night fishing it was a star filled night and clear skys i remember because as i was fishing i kept admiring the stars in the sky . in the distance i noticed 1 star that was really bright but it was quit a ways away so i kept fishing and every few minures that star caught my eye it seemed to be getting closer in distance bur not rapidly rather slow after about 30 min of seeing this star off and on i actually caught a few fish crappie..and i looked up again and the thing that i thought was a star was almost right above it was huge it was shaped like a blow up boats bottom is the best i can explain the shape but at least the lenght of a football field and i dont know the with from the ground but it was wide also it had flickering lights on the bottom and it was as low enough that ifcit was a plane you would have heard the engines as it went by but there was no sound whay so evet and as it moved over us slowly i asked my dad do you see that and ! heclooked at me kokingly and said i see nothing being astonished at what we were seeing i did not think to take out my cellphone and take a picture i wish i would have but after seeing that i wouldnt doubt anyone if they said that they saw something even if it didnt sound believable the funny thing is we werent frightinged by the siting the object went over us and kept on its route fromwrst to east but its surprizing that no one reported it to the media becausr even though it was after 11pm there was still quit a few vehichles out on the road we were fishing on route 31 we were fishing at port gibson right next to the bridge i know people might doubt my story but thats one event ill never forget