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Occurred : 10/19/2018 07:00 (Entered as : 10/19/18 7:00)
Reported: 10/19/2018 11:51:29 AM 11:51
Posted: 10/25/2018
Location: Brunswick, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Few minutes
Hovering Silent Triangular Aircraft or UFO that moved slowly then disappeared.

I took some notes and did some research. This is what I saw…It was just like the ones mentioned from recent past in other areas of the country.

Brunswick, OH – October 19, 2018 a little after 7am.

I was just coming back from taking my son to school...It is Twilight out there...and I look up to see a Triangular Airplane or UFO...I don't know which...It was hovering for a few moments and then it flew across the sky normally...and then...Disappeared...I don't know where it went...We have a NASA Research Facility close by...So I suspect it was Military aircraft...It was Triangular with white lights forming the triangle pattern… Which is what caught my attention… Weird… What did I just witness...

It was an aircraft that is Triangular...Can Hover...has White Lights forming a Triangle pattern...Size of a Large Jet maybe bigger...Rather quiet...and able to just be gone in a matter of moments...

I think it was This…This is more like what I saw...It was spotted Oct 11th...Same Time frame from 2am - 7am...It was slightly after 7am when I saw it...and it sounds like it has the same maneuverability...and he got an image...I was driving and trying not to run into things...

I was not sure what I was looking at...but I know I had not seen it before...and My first thought was there must be an explanation...Military aircraft...It was just like that up above. The light pattern...White circular lights forming a "V" pattern...I think it was a light color aircraft...Silver or white maybe...I was driving so it was difficult to get much detail...but it Hovered...Or seemed so...then flew slowly over the length of my neighborhood and then it was just gone...Trees blocked my view...but it was gone after it hovered then just flew slowly...I don't even think I ever heard it...My windows were up...It was a frosty morning.

Here it is again in Aug 2018 over TX... "Footage of a triangle UFO over the Austin area has been submitted to TexasUFOs. What do you think this video shows? An alien or top-secret military spacecraft...or perhaps something simpler, like a large drone or led kite? The witness has followed up to say they don't think it could be a drone due to how silent it was... but wonder if it could be a kite, as it showed up the next night as well, but this time with another mystery green light next to it... As always, share your thoughts in the comments below! "

I'm not crazy...Others have seen it too...Whew...

A Rude Awakening Published on Aug 13, 2018 YOU WILL GET A GUT FEELING THIS ONE IS REAL. UNDENIABLE PROOF NOW UFO'S ARE REAL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. #UFO #TEXAS #2018. When: August 3rd, 2018 at 8:15 PM (UFO was observed for over an hour.) Where: Oaks at Techridge Apartments in Pflugerville. What: Large, quiet, bright-white triangle UFO flying through nighttime sky. Very clear footage of a triangle UFO over the Austin area was submitted to Texas UFOs, along with witness testimony, which you can check out below. Do you think this video shows an alien or top-secret military drone or spacecraft, or something much simpler like a toy drone or led kite? If you believe the video shows a drone, then how could it have been so quiet? As always, share your comments here or over on the YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Seems as if it is hovering above the Oaks at Techridge Apartments. Been hovering for an hour and a half and still continuing. My first thoughts were is this ei! ther a UFO, drone, or a new type of child's kite? I happened see an identical occurrence here on this website back from 8 months ago in Nov 2017...this could very well be the same thing! I have another pretty good photo I can email. But I will attach the video. [Witness later followed up to describe the UFO as silent, and to suggest it could be a kite but not a drone - due to its silence. Triangle UFO Sighting Over Austin Area. LIT UP TRIANGLE UFO OVER AUSTIN TEXAS 2018. Triangle UFOs have been common in Texas and the US for several years now, but there does appear to be a big uptick in reports right now in Texas. In Lubbock on June 3rd, a fast-moving triangle UFO was reported to NUFORC. And now a large triangle craft with white, blue and green lights over Austin has been reported to MUFON (case 92594): Witnessed after dropping my husband off at the Austin Airport. It was less than 5 minutes after leaving the airport & it was less than a mile away in a field or neighborhood right off the highway. It was 5:08 a.m. and it was right at t! he tree tops. It moved very slowly forward for the first few seconds with either mist or some sort of clouds surrounding it. At first I thought it was a plane, but then I noticed it had quit moving and was literally just hovering over the trees. There were other cars driving in the same direction as me and I would assume they had to have seen it too. It was HUGE & shaped like a triangular boomerang object with large circular spaced out white lights at the front of the craft and blue/green/white lights at the rear. My husband called me at 5:09 while I was witnessing it and driving, so I was not able to film or capture an image. I told my husband what I was witnessing and he didnt believe me at first, but he could hear in my voice that I was not making this up. While I was describing it to him the left side of my face, the small of my back and the back of my thighs all started to feel hot. I had my a/c on in the car and it was around 75 degrees outside. I at first thought we must have! accidentally turned on the heater in the seats, but i checked and that was not the case. It never flew off during that 1-2 minutes time period, but I drove out of it's view. I am still in shock that I saw a UFO and even more shocked that I saw it so close up. "HUGE" triangle craft "quit moving and was literally just hovering" - UFO Seen in Austin. recent triangle UFO sighting. LOOKS LIKE A REAL UFO OVER TEXAS, AUSTIN 2018.

And another one...Looks like they have moved North and East...Whatever it is... "Witness statement as follows: I was driving to go pick up somebody in downtown OKC and I spotted on object to my left floating over some buildings. I didn’t get a great video of the first one but I kept driving and saw a second one directly in front of me, which is the video that I have attached in here. It was a triangular object with lights all the way around, first hovering and then slowly taking a westward flight path. Very slow movement. Lights never wavered. Could definitely tell it was completely triangular from the lights. I have seen something before but not like this and so close. Thought it was crazy as hell. I lost sight because I was driving and recording but I didn’t stop as I was on the interstate. SOURCE: MUFON Case Number 92267"