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Occurred : 10/18/2018 23:05 (Entered as : 10/18/18 23:05)
Reported: 10/19/2018 8:59:01 PM 20:59
Posted: 10/25/2018
Location: Winter Springs, FL
Shape: Circle
Cloaked UFO see with smokey mist in front passing through northeastern sky Fl, streetlights affected

I was outside of my home and i noticed the streetlights flickering about 100 feet away, then as i was observing the streetlight flickering i happened to look up to star gaze (something i do often) and saw what appeared to be a disc shaped object. The object was almost completely translucent, silent, and moved swiftly. I first noticed the object from about 30 degrees north/north eastern the it moved in a slight curve almost straight south kind of to the west, the only reason i saw the object at all was because in the front of where it was moving there was a smokey kind of mist that outlined its front shape kind of resembling a half moon or crescent, the mist was able to be spotted because the bright moonlight illuminated the mist in front (maybe high altitude ice crystals or air cold air displacement was being reflected by the moonlight). the strange thing was Im in a flight path between the orlando international airport and the sandford international airport, and planes are constantly coming to and fro. when it happened to pass by the sky was almost completely clear of air traffic. As it moved it cleared the whole horizon in about 7 seconds and disappeared into the southern horizon. As it flew over, the street lights got really bright for about a couple seconds as it was directly over then the street lights turned almost purple in color. it was too dark to record video. I feel as it might have been military because the cloaking was imperfect you could still make out the shape in the sky if you looked hard enough, like the cloaking was reflecting the light around it. The object had to be at last 5 football fields in circumference if not a mile. After it passed air traffic resumed about 10- 20 seconds later i started seeing planes again. Friday 11:05 pm winter springs fl.

the night before i saw something move from south to north i thought it was plane that might have turned its front lights out because it went dark, then started flickering lights, then disappeared in the night sky about midway above the horizon. around 11 pm