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Occurred : 10/30/2018 19:30 (Entered as : 10/30/18 19:30)
Reported: 10/31/2018 9:44:58 PM 21:44
Posted: 11/9/2018
Location: Batavia, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
Triangular UFO witnessed by 3 people and then again at different location by unknown person.

I was driving from East Pembroke to Batavia on Main street. Black, triangular craft flew overhead towards Batavia. Flashing white lights on back, flashing red light in center. Roughly the size of a car or perhaps up to the size of a jet. Tilted on its left axis. Moving left and right. Flew past a second stationary white object not moving at all. The triangle was moving very slowly. It was too slow to be a jet, too quiet to be a plane, too big to be a drone. Also did not look like a plane. If anything it looked like a huge drone. We saw 10+ lights in the sky that night and there were 2 that were particularly weird. We got to our friends house in Batavia and I texted a friend about it. My friend then sent me a few pictures of the same object witnessed by a friend of his. I saw it, my girlfriend saw it, and my girlfriends mom saw it while we were in the car and all agreed it was really weird. Then my friends friend who I don't even know saw it and took pictures. The friend of a friend also stated that the object's lights were changing colors in front of them which was backed up by the fact that the picture they sent had 1 green and 1 pink light on the back. The red light in the center was still the same color though, and we're 99% sure it had to be the same object. Shortly after, we heard a helicopter heading towards its location, but didn't get a look at it. We also saw multiple other suspicious objects that night, but nothing un-explainable the way that one was.