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Occurred : 11/3/2018 19:30 (Entered as : 11/03/18 19:30)
Reported: 11/4/2018 9:56:29 AM 09:56
Posted: 11/9/2018
Location: Vancleave, MS
Shape: Formation
Duration:4 minutes
Dozens of glowing orange balls of light traveling in formation.

At approximately 1930 yesterday evening, I was driving home from picking up a pizza for myself and husband. I was traveling West on a main road, preparing to make a left hand turn onto the road that I live on. We live in a fairly quiet, rural area. There are very few street lights on our road.

As I prepared to turn left onto our road, I observed an orange glow just through the top of the trees. I turned left onto our road and continued traveling North. About 400 feet ahead, I observed a truck pulled over to the side of the road with its hazards on. As I got closer to the truck, it very quickly pulled onto the road and took off.

At this point, I had reached the section of road where the landscape opens and there are no trees blocking the vista.

To my east, there were dozens of bright orange balls of light in the sky. They were in small groups of three (triangular pattern). Each group was parallel to each other. The lights were glowing bright orange and seemed independent of each other. At that moment, the groups of light appeared stationary in the sky. The mass of lights extended in a "lane" that appeared at least 200 feet in length. There were some single balls of light (not in a triangle pattern) towards the end of the line .

These lights were at a very low altitude. My best guess would be a few hundred feet off the ground. As I looked out my car window, I barely had to lift my gaze to make these observations. There was no sound whatsoever.

The mass of lights appeared to be moving east to west/northwest.

I felt true panic in that moment. And frantically dialed my husband to get outside. I was less than one mile from my home at this time. As I continued North, I lost sight of the lights. At about 1/2 mile from my home, I opened the sunroof and observed some balls of light in the sky above me. These balls of light were traveling in a singular formation. Not the same triangle formation I had initially observed a mile back. They appeared higher in altitude at this point.

I passed a vehicle pulled over in the southbound lane and could see the driver with his cell phone out the window. This helped to validate that what I was seeing was real!

When I reached my driveway, my husband was outside waiting. He was able to observe 2 glowing orange balls of light to the south of his location, traveling west/northwest. They disappeared quickly beyond the tree line.

Roughly 20 minutes later, we observed a helicopter traveling south towards the location we saw the lights. We often see helicopters and various aircraft over our property, but hardly do they travel in a north to south pattern. Especially at night.

My husband is retired Coast Guard. We have lived near many military installations with very active air traffic. I'm used to seeing helicopters, military aircraft at all times of the day performing various exercises so I like to think that I have a slight advantage over the general public in observing aircraft. I can say with 100% certainty this was not any type of plane or helicopter.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))