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Occurred : 11/16/2018 18:40 (Entered as : 11/16/18 18:40)
Reported: 11/23/2018 2:00:04 AM 02:00
Posted: 11/24/2018
Location: Sindh Province (Pakistan),
Shape: Flash
Duration:10-15 seconds
At approximately 18:40 PM, while jogging at a remote airfield location, I saw a bright stationary object that caught my attention in the South-Eastern sky (approximately 30 degrees above the horizon) that I assumed at first was a star or planet, but was only visible for a couple of seconds after it captured my attention and suddenly disappeared.

I saw a bright white flash again, just a few seconds later, located in front of me and just West from the first sighting, after it initially appeared, which could have possibly been the same object, but I was uncertain as I assumed it was traveling from an East to Westward horizontal trajectory.

The object flashed again one last time (3 times total) just West again from where it was previously located in front and to the right of me, but assumed this was a single object still continuing its Westward direction of travel.

It was hard to estimate the distance I was away from this object (flash) since it was fully dark a! t this time and a significant distance away from me, yet somewhat close as night time lights are difficult to judge their distances in these particular circumstances (lights/flashes in nighttime skies).

I reported my sighting approximately 30 minutes later to a ranking airfield authority and asked if any aircraft were flying nighttime operations during this time as I have seen aircraft flying these type of maneuvers before at this location at approximately 10,000 feet dropping aerial flares (could previously distinguish the aircraft and the flares dropping at the same time, both in visual view together). My observation of this sighting was definitely not the case in this situation, as this object was traveling horizontally with no streaks behind it (no sound either or streaks from its top side, which would demonstrate/exhibit a downward aircraft flare being dropped) and was not within the constraints and characteristics of a meteor sighting either (most meteor sightings I’ve seen lasted no longer than a few seconds). The airfield official informed me he was unaware of any aircraft flying nighttime training/operations at the time and would look into the incident for me. I haven’t heard back yet from him on any explanation regarding my sighting, however, I assume this sighting is still on active status/an unexplained event.

During the time of the sighting, the sky was totally clear/dark, with the half-moon practically located overhead with Mars nearby its presence (Just West of the Moon). The planet Saturn was setting close in the far South-Western horizon. There was no wind active or noticeable as the sky was totally clear and peaceful at the time of the event. The temperature was approximately 77 degrees. The entire event occurred over approximately 10-15 seconds.

No further information to report, yet to advise that I have considerable experience around all well-known civilian and military aircraft and can substantiate this event was neither a star, planet, satellite, meteor, flare or any known type of familiar aircraft that I’ve ever seen before flying in the nighttime skies, especially at this location. I checked the NASA ISS fly-over schedule as it didn’t list any fly-overs in this area (or region) for the entire 24 hour period on 16 November 2018 (night of the sighting).