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Occurred : 12/1/2018 03:45 (Entered as : 12/01/18 03:45)
Reported: 12/1/2018 7:15:05 PM 19:15
Posted: 12/6/2018
Location: Lanexa, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Numerous lights seen in early morning southeast sky from James City County, VA.

At approximately 3:40 am on the morning of Dec. 1, 2018, I stepped out for a smoke before going to bed and looked up at a mostly cloudy sky. As I was headed in, I noticed some blinking lights in the southeast sky where there was a break in the cloud cover. I initially assumed these were airplanes but was surprised at how many there were in this one area of the sky. I stopped to watch and noticed that they were not moving as airplanes normally do but were stationary and then noticed other lights moving in the same area in different directions. There may have been around 20 'lights' in all and they were all of a light/white type color. This went on for about 10 minutes.

These 'lights' seemed to be at a considerable distance and seemed as if they were 'out in space', not over the east coast. I became concerned and went in to see if there was any news of this on the internet.

I have seen many things in the sky such as meteors, asteroids, space/rocket launches, etc, but I have never seen anything like this.