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Occurred : 10/28/2018 09:00 (Entered as : 10/28/18 9:00)
Reported: 12/2/2018 6:49:43 AM 06:49
Posted: 12/6/2018
Location: Forbush, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:10 mlnutes
My wife and I are traveling east on all 421 and Yakking county North Carolina. When as a passenger in our car I observed a bright glowing light that seem to be moving and I slight right to left but in a direction towards us. As we came across a bridge the light seem to somewhat change direction from my right heading to my Lyft over a group or a grove of trees. As I made mention to this my wife observed it also as we moved to a north direction on 04 21 about 150 yards tomorrow right there were four lights red orbs to ahead of the other two in the rear of them spacing maybe in the distance is hard to tail but they were glowing red orbs as I made mention of them my wife pulled off the road and in doing so I noticed that the two in front just simply disappeared the two in the rear started to circle each other or one circling the other and obviously with some excitement we try to get out of the car quickly, but as we did we looked up and they were ! simply gone the two they had circled each other. As we started glancing in the sky, there was one orbit that move quickly behind a group of trees in the distance. We moved forward into though on the highway and it simply vanished very unusual it’s haunted both of us because we don’t think it was anything natural it was his true in a lot of it was as if they were physically controlled very unusual it’s always this since we both saw them when we can explain what they were very unusual