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Occurred : 12/30/2018 21:30 (Entered as : 12/30/18 21:30)
Reported: 1/7/2019 11:37:53 AM 11:37
Posted: 1/11/2019
Location: Spokane, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:~1 minutes
Moving circular white light/object slows down, merges with second, smaller light, combined object turns 90 degrees, and disappears.

We had barbequed a turkey at my folks place southeast of Spokane, WA. Most of my family was there, including two sisters, two B-i-l’s, mom, dad (skeptic) and me. My two sons had gone home to Washington earlier in the day. Well, I like an occasional cigarette after dinner and Tim, my skeptical brother-in-law is a confirmed addict. We went out on the back porch to smoke after dinner. It was very dark, very clear, and cold. I happened to look up and saw a white circular light/object moving from west to east and very high up (seemed to be anyway.)

This light was very much like one I’d seen about 10 years ago in Fall City, WA. (reported to NUFORC) but seemed higher up. If I hold my hand straight up and away, the object would have been about 1/8th of an inch or so wide. Much bigger than any star. Once again it appeared to be a weird, “confined” light. I immediately shouted “look at that” and pointed at it. Tim looked up and didn’t say anything, but he wa! s watching. He saw it.

The light approached a smaller, less well-defined white light that looked like a big star. My first thought was “satellite” but the moving object seemed too big for that. Then it slowed down and seemed to merge with the smaller light, then they both changed direction to the south and poof, they disappeared.

Several observations: It was much larger than any star in the sky and once again it was that weird, seemingly confined white light. Not terribly bright, but very obviously moving. If I pick a spot on the ceiling of my office, while sitting in my chair, the object would appear to have moved about 1 foot across the ceiling/starfield, if that makes sense.

When we first saw it, it was moving, once again, in what seemed a purposeful way (we’ve discussed this before) from west to east. Tim saw it almost immediately after I did and we both saw it slow down and approach another light/object that was similar in color, but appeared smaller – maybe ½ the size. They came together and became a single light/object – no size change.

Once they merged together, they turned but not in an immediate, 90 degree turn that is often described and seems physically impossible. This was more gradual, as though going around a corner, but a sharp corner. In the previous ceiling example, it would’ve executed the turn over just a couple of inches. Then it was moving to the south.

While we were both staring at it, it just blinked out. Gone. We waited a bit, looking, but no other objects appeared to be moving. I asked him “you saw that didn’t you!” He said “yeah, I did….and it was weird.” He was obviously taken aback. Not quite shaken really, but definitely weirded out.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to have someone else see it. We went back in and I told the group around table that we’d seen a UFO! We'd all had a couple of drinks and they all jeered a bit, of course, but I think that Tim’s behavior caught them off guard. They know him very, very well and know he’d be jeering too if it hadn’t been quite a sight. It was that, alright. I checked on the ISS and it was in the sky, but much later that night. I also check flightaware, etc., there were airliners up of course, but this wasn’t an airliner. Airplanes don’t slow down that way and then execute a quite sharp turn. It was almost an instantaneous 90 deg. turn, but not quite. No noise of course. Don’t know what it was, but for now at least, we know it was a UFO. I don’t know if these things are extraterrestrial or not, but I would sure like to know. I need to report to Nurforc and will do so tonight. Should’ve called Peter D. before now, but was very busy and oddly, I didn’t t! hink to do it immediately, nor did either of us think of trying to pull out a phone. It was one of those things where we were both sort of stunned by what we were seeing. I’ll give it more thought and file a report with Nuforc and Mufon tonight.