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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/25/2019 19:00 (Entered as : 1/25/2019 19:00)
Reported: 1/25/2019 5:30:51 PM 17:30
Posted: 2/1/2019
Location: Easton, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10-15 minutes

1/25/2019 Approximately 7:05 PM, EST.

I was laying on the floor, watching tv, and the window is directly to my right. I saw a very bright light and what I thought was a low flying plane, as we are in the LaGuardia flight pattern.

When I saw the third one whiz by in less than 20 seconds, I ran out back to see about ten (10) flashing objects that were red, orange, and yellow in color, moving quickly across the sky a little south over our house. They were moving from the southwest to northeast at a fairly good speed.

I screamed for my husband and he came out and saw them as well and he called our next-door neighbors who live approximately 60 feet to our east. The husband and wife both came outside and watched them from their back deck which is approximately 3.5 feet off the ground. My husband and I were on a level brick patio.

They continued to fly over for about 10-15 minutes. Estimate approximately 100 individual flying objects. I called our son who lives approximately one mile south and he got to an area ! above his apartment where he could see them in the distance, looking north towards our home.

I called 911 to report the incident while it was occurring. I also posted something on our local Facebook Resident’s page and just saw that someone else saw them.

I called our local television station and reported it. They indicated that I was the first to call them about it and they would call around and inquire about it. I gave them my phone number.

I would estimate that the objects were flying under 5,000 feet in the sky. The sky is clear and you can see the usual jets flying in their flight pattern and the stars very clearly. These were not jets or stars. We could not see any shape to them due to the brightness of the flashing lights. They came in clusters of about ten (10) at a time, with maybe one (1) minute spacing for approximately 10-15 minutes. When one group passed, you could then see the next group heading towards us from the west. I tried to take a video of them, but the video didn't come out. My camera just shows ! a black image where I took the video. Also, I took a picture accidentally while I was trying to get my camera to videotape and that picture does not show up on my camera either. My neighbor took out his camera only to find that his battery was dead.