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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/24/2019 15:00 (Entered as : 02/24/19 15:00)
Reported: 2/26/2019 1:22:50 PM 13:22
Posted: 2/27/2019
Location: Vancouver (Canada), BC
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 minutes
Circular orb object over Stem cell Technology Vancouver, BC 75-100 witnesses

I am writing to you with respect to the above subject which occurred on February 24, 2019 at or around 1500 taking place over the Stem cell Technology facility located in Vancouver, BC.

This unusual craft was brought to my attention by a person passing by. I observed this craft with other witnesses. I captured this on my tablet but it’s difficult to make out. It appeared to be metallic, circular in shape, no sound, it had what appeared to be white lights on the bottom of the craft that would illuminate the under airfoil – the lights looked like the large LED lights you see on the big screen TV in stadiums for say a hockey game, and it seemed to be moving incredibly slowly.

This craft had no navigational lights (red & green), no tail, no wings, no visible landing gear, no visible windows.

Their were other aircrafts in the area that we could identify and see that they were from Harbor Air & they were fixed wing float planes that appeared to be diverting from the area.

At or around 1504 the craft just disappeared.

I have raw video in HD.

Some people who witnessed this event made all kinds of conjecture, saying it could be drones, could be “demonic” or “inter dimensional." It sure didn’t look like a helicopter & it didn’t have any wings, no markings (identifiable call sign, company logo), no sound & the other aircrafts turned the other way, literally! I am former student pilot from CZBB and I have experienced “unusual traffic” before but never have attempted to capture the event. Just happened to have my tablet available.

*In the videos the craft appears to be this flashing white circular small objet. It’s hard to see in the video but in person it was much larger & more visible. In the still images it’s hard to see but it too looks like a small white bright circular object.

Hopefully you or someone can get something out of the videos with an in-depth analysis.