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Occurred : 3/1/2019 18:07 (Entered as : O3/01/19 18:07)
Reported: 3/2/2019 12:22:32 PM 12:22
Posted: 3/14/2019
Location: Mebane, NC
Shape: Changing
Duration:Months (since December) l
Interdimensional Beings Caught using thermal vision telescope and UFO Fleet Over Alamance, NC

I will address myself as anonymous and tell my story. I had my first UFO sighting on Dec 11th observing 3 sphere - stingray looking craft with discs rotating on both sides. I made the assumption it would be a lucky one time pstanotmsl encounter, but I think I have channeled and telepathically communicated with inter-dimensionsal beings.

Second day of significant sightings included orbs thaf were rainbow in color ivy chi over nevada, a flight tracker on delta airways, a TSA employee scribbling 669 on my boarding pass had me like what is going on?

Third sighting _ Feb 2 + 3rd 2019 (mothership, fleet of UFOs disguised in camouflage when my galaxy focused camera. My phone had 95 percent battery, overheated on a winter day and when I played my video clips back some were unobtainable, but I got proof of a supernatural disturbance. I consider it a blessing to be a witness of something so detailed and incredibly amazing. the aliens, interdimensional beings, FBI drones or CIA spying on me all are a definite possibility but I checked the constellations via a new app on my phone and I have a live feed of international space station. The ships continued to move every time I would focus on them so I switched to AutoFocus attached a fish eye lens and military grade binocular app to my camera. Both my Nikon 5500 and my galaxy S9. I got a glimpse of 20 different ships. Triangular craft with 3 spotlights (blue) a fireball ship hovering low in the forest. I have seen to black helicopters during day and two dogs went missing. I found ! a field where they are hovering above taped off by swim team finish line rope and yellow tape. A random crate was discovered by me and my cousin (huge shipping container) with secret society occult written all over the unit. Triangle logos dated in 1800 something. It said lumber 2015. Msde no sense. We found wiccan esque area of occult materials and the following night I drove past a hooded gathering of cloaked people at 4am by a bonfire in the rain.

Feb 25th I saw more vivid lights and got a telescope zoom lens which allowed me to capture the saucer and prove the light was some sort of spaceship or drone spinning. They hover NW and are also close to mirzam under canis major left and down from Orion's belt. The animals all start barking and I had made direct contact with the aliens or interdimensional beings or angelic creatures (whatever they are) via UHF device and I also have a device that can pick up low frequencies. I bought a thermal sensor lens for camera to detect heat signatures.

March 1st - last night I discovered the entities and spacecraft are only visible to those with their third eye open. My mom can see it after I film it but she is programmed to think the existence of aliens is some x-files shit. Whatever these UFO orbs are they all the way visible from exit 154 by sheetz cookout and the field is near mebane oaks road. I have contacted the town and no military exercises were happening. Also I was vocal about sightings at first and white Vans (literally like the show stranger things are looking at me and watching my moves) too bad I'm an expert at evading shadow government paid thugs. I contacted Mufon 3 times and have been featured on numerous sites. Mebane NC ufo I pop up every time. I definitely know some secret society is opening portals using blood magic and adrenochrome or whatever it is they can levitate. I footage of small beings talking to big beings and I think the humans might be human trafficking for the aliens or smuggling somethin! g in that crate. Its sketchy as hell to be honest. I got over 5000 video and photos to prove it all too. That's the best part.

Last night was the closest the saucer has ever came and it wants to communicate to me for sure. I get a feeling of more friendly than hostile but at 3am I'm up staring at spaceships. Somebody needs to post my pictures man. I think this is tied to CERN being activated as well as spirit realms 4th 5th dimension (David Icke type theories on reality being a simulated matrix