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Occurred : 10/1/2018 21:00 (Entered as : 10/01/18 21:00)
Reported: 3/13/2019 7:48:57 PM 19:48
Posted: 3/14/2019
Location: Pueblo, CO
Shape: Other
Duration:Several hours
3 orbs (gold, green & white) seen over Southernmost Pueblo over several months & currently active Dec. 2018 - Present.

Sighting was witnessed at a hilltop near the "Dogpatch" community of Pueblo. The hilltop offered fantastic views of the city, looking directly to the South. For many years, my cousin and I would sit in our vehicles and spend our time talking, watching videos and listening to music. Recently, starting in October of 2018, we began seeing bright orbs hovering over what appeared to be the Southernmost part of town. Further investigation as to the whereabouts of the crafts led to Stembeach, a private lake outside of town or the Lake Minnequa. The crafts appeared first as a golden color, then as green and finally bright white. The crafts would usually appear in the same location, varying slightly in altitude. We still continue to see these objects (It is currently March of 2019).