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Occurred : 3/18/2019 17:22 (Entered as : 03/18/2019 17:22)
Reported: 3/19/2019 1:34:13 AM 01:34
Posted: 3/21/2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Unknown
Duration:48 seconds
crossing moon, disappear, reappear, hover then takeoff ((name of observer deleted)) UFO sighting and filming 3/18/2019 522pm Las Vegas, NV, Sahara Blvd between Ft. Apache and Durango, The Lakes Business Park So I was watching the moon and noticed hey the moon doesnt look right with this warping quality. The moon appeared to be peeling and shimmering at the edges sort of like how hot blacktop distorts what you see with the heat convection, but in a way that made me uneasy. So I thought hey maybe I should see if my camphone can capture what I was seeing. I zoomed all the way in and aimed the camera and found a steady position and this took around 30 seconds to prepare. Video quality was junk because my phone wasnt created for long distance zoom but I pressed record anyways. The only object in the clear sky that I could see with my camera up to that point was the moon, but as soon as I pressed record, literally within milliseconds of activating the record function, this tiny white dot appeared traversing in front of the moon. I held my steady position suddenly full of excitement that this could be a UFO. I couldnt actually see it with my eyes but the camera picked it up fine. This thing is obviously high altitude. At first I thought it was a huge coincidence that I basically got ready to film a UFO without knowing it. Sent me for a loop. Distance was very difficult to determine but whatever it was it was definitely very high altitude. Difficult to not think it was actually at the moon itself, but if it were at the moon it would need to be exceptionally bright and large to shine through the daytime blue sky. UFO? Plane? The ISS?

The recording is 48 seconds long. The object approaches the moon from the right at around 51% up from the bottom of it in a straight line with a slight descent and then disappears. It then reappears hovering for a fraction of a second on the left side of the moon inside that darker area as though it materialized out of nothing. You can clearly see it didnt fly straight through solidly, the contrast of the dark patch on the left side of the moon makes it easier to see. It then continued its path in the same direction behind the bare branches of the nearby tree. I filmed it till it left my line of sight.

It appeared to pulsars somewhat and with the lower resolutions you can see this pulsating more clearly. I rewatched this Video a hundred times and truly its easy to obsess over because they I filmed this thing and its exciting. My camera phone is a plain common android smart phone, nothing fancy. I am sending you the whole 48 second video. What I already posted online is a shortened 10 second version.

I have seen It is of various sorts several times before. Last ones were 2015, 2 in 2014, here in Las Vegas, a whole bunch of them in 2011 and 2012 in Los Angeles and first one was 1994 in Oregon when I was a young kid. This would be my first actual filming of a UFO in my whole life and funny that it was fully through chance and coincidence and perfect timing.

I tried reporting this on the MUFON site but there is an error and forms cannot be submitted. I also tried sending the whole video but since it is 100.38MB and my email limit for attachments is 24MB I decided to upload it to Vimeo and peovide the link. If You press the gear icon on your Vimeo player you can change the quality to 1080p.

Vimeo link: