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Occurred : 3/27/2019 20:25 (Entered as : 03/27/19 20:00)
Reported: 4/1/2019 8:51:00 PM 20:51
Posted: 4/8/2019
Location: Staunton, OH
Shape: Formation
Duration:15/40 minutes
Bright green & yellow lights shooting out from low flying craft at high speed, then followed by tilted line of white lights

I experienced this sighting as I travelled home on I62 SW. I was approximately 3 ½ mi. south of Washington Court House.

I saw a grid of very bright green lights flanked by bright yellow lights. Green lights were rectangular in formation and yellow irregular. In front of formation was a small red blinking light which seemed to be what looked like the light of a small air plane. It appeared to be dragging the other lights along. Then the colored lights blinked off only to come back a few seconds later. I watched this out my driver side window as I continued to drive. It was flying slowly and low enough I could do this and try to make sense of what I was seeing. I then saw that the green and yellow lights were shooting out at very high speed from the red blinking light out front which still appeared to be flying at the speed of a regular airplane. The colored lights continued intermittently shooting out at rapid speed forming the rectangular formation as before and disappearing as quickly.

I knew of a place a mile ahead where I could pull off safely to observe this phenomena, which I did. The object continued to fly in an easterly direction and was practically out of sight and very low to the horizon. Yet I saw bright yellow gold lights shoot out 2 more times. The speed at which these lights shot out looked like fire works with no tracers, no sparking, just bright globes which quickly blinked out. And then it turned back! With heart pounding, I jumped back into my car and back on the highway. I was relieved there was other traffic on the road because I could not shake the feeling of being followed. I was trying to focus on driving and not watching out my driver’s window. Yet I did look out after travelling about another 4 miles towards home.

“Oh S**t!” …. Out of my driver’s side window, this time it’s a line of 4 white lights. They looked like head lights with no space between. They were not bright and seemed to be flying at a 25 degree angle. I had another 18 miles to go before getting home and I was tense. I called my brother via cell phone to let him know what I was experiencing, just in case. My phone record says 8:50 central time so I am guessing first sighting occurred 8:25 CT.

I arrive home and still had that feeling so I did not go in the house, but watched the sky instead. Not 5 minutes passed and what looked like a small aircraft came flying in the direction I was standing. I saw no shape, only 2 pairs of white lights. No sound, low flying and disappeared. I have never observed any air craft in that particular position in this location at that altitude in 17 years of living here. I went inside for 5 minutes only to go out and watch more. I saw another red blinking light flying low on the south horizon and another on the north horizon 5 minutes after that. It was a very clear night so it seems strange that the more ordinary lights would disappear. The lights were too low for cloud cover. I really strained to hear a droning noise that should have been audible, yet could not hear anything.

I am aware that the county I live in is part of the Wright Patt air zone for training. Any explanation would be appreciated.