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Occurred : 1/15/2015 20:15 (Entered as : 042019 20:15)
Reported: 4/20/2019 8:01:57 PM 20:01
Posted: 4/25/2019
Location: Perdido Key, FL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:20 minutes
Bright Orange Light UFO

My friend and I had just gotten done eating at the Crab Trap at Perdido Key, FL. It was just after sunset when we were looking at the stars and had to use the bathroom at the resteraunt. As we were waking in, we noticed a bright orange light at about 1,000 feet AGL flying over from the north horizon (we are both pilots with hundreds of flight hours and my friend has thousands), but we didn’t think much of it. Aircraft lights have strobes and position lights at night. This was just one single bright orange light that moved from north to south until it slowly flickered out right over the ocean. After we came back out, another one caught our eyes flying the same flight path. We watched as they passed overhead. Time in sight for each one was about 2-3 minutes and it was the same 2-3 minute incriminates they were spaced apart. We watched in the parking lot(and my friend has always been a skeptic but he was baffled) No sound, no propeller or jet noise. The bright o! range light was torch-like in that it looked like a lightly flickering torch or fireball moving across the sky. It was the size of an aircraft seen from about 1k feet high but circle shaped. Very squarely stuff going. on.

((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by U. S. Navy pilot. PD))