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Occurred : 4/19/2019 17:35 (Entered as : 04/19/2019 17:35)
Reported: 4/20/2019 7:36:42 PM 19:36
Posted: 4/25/2019
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 seconds
Black oval object in sky flashing blue lights that "winked-out" followed by a circling jet and then three helicopters.

My son and I were playing tennis at Memorial Park (1150 NW 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118) on April 19th, 2019. It is an azure blue, cloudless sky with light north winds and was approximately 67 degrees Fahrenheit. My son was on the south side of the court facing north and I was on the north side facing south, and the sun is directly to the west of us at about 60 degrees. I’ve included a Google Earth Map image of our line-of-sight (UAP-1.png).

Off to my left side (southeast) in the background right above the tree line at about 40 degrees (the tree line is roughly 250-300 feet from us), I see a bright blue flash and look in that direction (UAP-2.png). My first thought is that someone let go of a blue Mylar helium balloon, and that I’m seeing the sun’s light reflecting off the surface. I point at it and tell my son exactly that. It moves from east to west (left to right from my viewpoint) and passed behind the trees so he doesn’t see it at first. He backs up to the net as I move up to it and point in the direction. I tell him it’s about to pop up from behind the tree and it does. Only this time it has moved closer (at about 45 degrees) and is a black oval with two intermittent synced blue flashing lights on either side. It stops moving in the sky (UAP-3.png). Movement from point to point was approximately 12 seconds.

So now we think we are looking at a drone, but it is really way up in the sky, and doesn’t have aircraft navigation lights of red and green, just the dark, but bright blue similar in color to Dell computer system lights. The blue is darker than the blue sky but also brighter than the sky when they flash. It stops directly above the trees (but not actually above the tree because it is obviously way in the background behind it). Then it flashes brighter than any of the other times and it winks out and disappears (UAP-4.png). My son says, “Where did it go?” Puzzled by how a drone could just disappear, I pull out my phone and note the time. It’s 5:37 PM CST. We continue searching the sky for about another twenty seconds. Granted, from the time I saw the first flash and it disappeared was only about thirty seconds. So almost a full minute from the first sighting, at 5:38 PM CST, a jet races from the east to west on about the same plane as the object and makes a bank toward us going north and flies a loop right around where the object disappeared so that it ended up flying back to the east in the same direction it had come from. The plane was high enough that I could not make out what it was or how many engines it had. It was too fast for a prop plane. The plane itself actually gave us perspective the size of the oval. At first when we thought it was a drone, I was thinking that it was two or three feet across. However, after seeing the jet in the same place in the sky, the oval had to be the size of a car because it was s! lightly smaller than the jet. The jet leaves the same way it came (UAP-5.png).

We realize that with all the people at the park playing tennis and basketball around us, we are the only ones to witness this in the sky. We keep watching the sky to the southeast. At 5:43 PM CST, directly behind us coming from the northwest, a low flying red with white trim helicopter (300 or 400 hundred feet above us) races overhead in the same direction as where the oval disappeared (UAP-6.png). It moved so fast that it cleared us and was gone in about three seconds. Fast enough that we could not make out what was written on it. The only two helicopters that I’m familiar with in this area that are that color are a news channel helicopter and the med-flight helicopters used by hospitals.

At 5:51 PM CST, a second helicopter, one farther west of us, also flies to the southeast in the direction where the oval disappeared. This one is the KFOR Channel 4 News helicopter. I can read it clearly on the side and it takes about ten seconds for it to come into view and cross the sky out of view heading southeast.

At 5:55 PM CST, a third helicopter, this one’s way farther east of us and heads to the southeast in the same direction as the others. This one is black with red trim, but is too far away to make out who it belongs to.

As each incident occurred, I noted the time, descriptions, and directions. I did not get any photographs as everything happened so quickly, but I logged it all in my phone to refer back to later. It could be completely coincidence and that none of this is connected. I could not find out any info regarding why these choppers were heading where they were going. There was no stormy weather for storm chasing.

I have included drawings where I have recreated to the best of my knowledge keeping the proportions as close as I remember them to be. The resolution is high enough that you can zoom in on the areas and see the details and colorings of the object.

As a side note, Tinker Air Force Base is in Midwest City and in the vicinity southeast of Memorial Park in Oklahoma City about 15 miles away. My guess is that what we saw was even farther south than the military base. Will Rogers Airport is in Oklahoma City and is southwest of Memorial Park by ten or so miles. Having said that, we are used to seeing all kinds of planes coming and going all the time, and even the occasional drone. I don’t know what this was. I’m not calling this a UFO, through it certainly is an UAP to me.