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Occurred : 4/17/2019 21:30 (Entered as : 04/17/19 21:30)
Reported: 4/23/2019 6:35:30 AM 06:35
Posted: 4/25/2019
Location: Bloomington, MN
Shape: Oval
This happened in Bloomington, MN. I was driving on hwy 77 going north, just coming up to the side of the Mall of America. I had a friend with me sitting in the front passenger seat.

All of a sudden I shouted "WOAH!" at which point he stated, "I saw that too!" Which really shocked and excited me that he did, because I am usually alone when I see strange things in the sky, or people I am with just don't ever see what I do, most likely because they aren't paying attention, and as for me, my eyes are always in the sky! Even this time my friend wasn't really paying attention and kept looking at his phone but this object was so bright and low to the ground that it caught his eye. I'd say it was at around the hight of the Mall of America. Which would be illegally low for a plane to be flying.

The object made no noise at all and I'm not sure how to explain the shape of it with one word but it looked semi-long, cylinder shaped with round edges in the front and back. Idk if you call that cigar shaped or what. It was VERY bright and glowing a neon green and blue-ish like meshing together. Looked like something that glows in the dark but brighter than any glow in the dark toy thing I've ever seen.

It was traveling north, the same direction I was and it came about very fast, seemingly out of no where. It was like its cloaking mode malfunctioned or noticed we saw them at which point it did not get far at all ahead of my car before it just vanished right in front of us, just dissapeared so I don't mean it vanished out of view. It just plain old vanished right before our eyes! About a month after that event, I saw the same exact looking object do the very same thing, and also not too far away from the first time, but I was driving alone.

So a few weeks go by and just last night I was at work (which is with-in just a few miles of the other events) and I hear my co worker talking to someone explaining what she had seen fly right above her while she was standing outside our work having a smoke and that the thing had vanished right before her eyes, right before looking like it was going to fly right into these apartments, and she described it looking exactly as what my friend and I saw. So needless to say I hopped in that conversation real quick haha.

These 3 events all happened in the same area within 5 miles of eachother. It is right near the Minneapolis-St Paul airport but we know what planes look like and this thing was most definetely no plane I have ever seen. I'm sure I will see it again sometime. I also take lots of videos of the sky because i tend to see things quite often and I have a couple still images from different videos of something no one can tell what it is. I may post them.