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Occurred : 5/5/2019 11:00 (Entered as : 05/05/19 11:00)
Reported: 5/5/2019 10:37:39 AM 10:37
Posted: 5/9/2019
Location: Fishers, IN
Shape: Formation
Duration:3 minutes
3 bright lights flying in triangle formation, would turn translucent.

My dad and I were driving as I noticed 3 bright white “things” flying in a triangle formation. At first I figured they were planes, but their flight pattern was inconsistent, almost as if they were hovering around or flying like birds.

So then I assumed maybe they were birds. But I see birds flying around everyday and they just weren’t the same. They looked too big to be birds, and were SO shiny, and moved to fast to quickly (at speed of planes w/ flight of birds).

When I first saw them I’d say they may have been 7-10 miles down the road (if looking up) then within the 3 minutes were 20-30 miles away (give or take). They would all shine extremely bright, but then all at the same time would fade and disappear into an almost translucent state. Then they would shine again extremely bright, and turn translucent again. This happened 3-4 times and was consistent.

Their flight pattern was in perfect triangle formation, but at one point they slowed down, almost to a stop and rotated around one another, then kept going back in their perfect triangular shape.

They continued on and disappeared from sight.

My dad also saw them but not for as long as I did. Though he also had no explanation for it. We talked about it for a while, trying to come up with what it could have been, and we think either ufo or some sort of government exercise with something we don’t know about. I’ve seen a lot of birds and a lot of planes, but this just didn’t fit. It was weird!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a video.. I know that’s a big part of legitimacy, but I didn’t want to miss anything for myself.

I just want to share this experience so that if anyone else saw this, they know they aren’t the only ones who did.