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Occurred : 5/17/2019 20:25 (Entered as : 05/17/19 825pm)
Reported: 5/26/2019 6:33:21 PM 18:33
Posted: 6/7/2019
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Shape: Egg
Duration:1 hour
Two kyobjects in the s that are always around me.

I was outside smoking a cigarette and I noticed this light right in front of me in the sky and was coming closer, it was dark cold and very bright. Prior to this I have seen other objects in the sky a few times and normally when I go to explain what Ive seen No One Believes Me , so I decided to take a video. Please ignore the first 1t seconds as it is just crickets chirping in the backgroind.In my video you can clearly see the different movement on the craft. Tgis moved around for about an hour or so and there was an additional one which was silver, I have video fotage of tgis ine as well and showed tge moon and then the craft shows