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Occurred : 6/14/2019 20:28 (Entered as : 06/14/19 20:28)
Reported: 6/13/2019 10:14:47 PM 22:14
Posted: 6/20/2019
Location: Cherry Grove, SC
Shape: Other
Duration:12 minutes
Highly Advanced Aircraft sighting over the Cherry Grove Inlet in South Carolina

So I live near the city of Myrtle Beach, SC, a large tourist area on the coast of the state. Cherry Grove is a small town on the north end of Myrtle Beach. The Cherry Grove Inlet, which is where this incident occurred, is known for paranormal/extraterrestrial activity and has been for decades.

Since before I was born (I am almost 30) the locals living on or near the inlet have reported strange sightings. At night randomly, with no consistency in pattern, numbers, or time of night, these globes of light appear in the sky. The lights are a deep orange-red color. The number of lights varies from 1-6 total (at least from what I've heard from the mouths of the locals and seen myself) and sometimes they appear in a "triangular" or "pyramid-like pattern". Not every time. But sometimes. They seem to appear more on nights when the moon is brighter, like tonight, and it is rare they behave the same way from one sighting to the next.

When they appear, if you do witness their presence, they brighten and dim like theyre breathing. Brighter and brighter until theyre almost blinding, and then dimmer and dimmer until they are basically not visible anymore. They hover for minutes sometimes, still and unwaivering, and then POOF they will disappear, only to reappear miles north/south within that same second. In the blink of an eye. Like lighting. Sometimes they're high above the ocean, and sometimes they are right down over the waves. I've seen them sway and flit and zip about, much like a housefly does when in flight. I've seen them down over the waves, just barely above the waters crest, and watched that orange-red light seemingly melt off of them and rain down into the water.

I've also been right beneathe them. When the tide is lowest on nights when the moon is bigger you can walk over a mile out from the public walkway where the inlet starts. And one night at around 930, back in March, my daughters and I were all the way out as far as you can go on the pointe, and they appeared. Right above our heads. It was beyond terrifying. I couldn't make out a shape. Just 2 orange-red lights, a few feet apart, maybe 50-75feet over our heads. They make no sound. None at all. Quiet as a graveyard. And they hovered there over us, the orbs "breathing" like they always do. There was no movement. They were perfectly still. Absolutely no waivering or swaying whatsoever. And as we ran for our lives it seemed, I kept looking back at them to see if they followed. They did not. Once we reached the walkway over a mile up the beach, I turned around to catch one last glimpse before the disappeared altogether.

The commonality with all the reports, and all my personal sightings of them (I've seen them more than 50 times in the past 8 years), is that they only ever appear at night.

Until today.

I saw them. I saw the ships. In broad daylight. I have multiple pictures. I will include them all here so you can see exactly what I mean.

These are supremely advanced aircraft. It's hard to describe the shape. But the best way to sum it up is they have a pyramid-like body, not super tall just triangular, with a hull the scoops upwards from the bottom, and wings that jut out and downwards from the body of the craft. There is a light directly on top of the ship, and one on either arm/wing. It explains the triangular pattern that the lights sometimes appear in. They are LARGE aircraft. They were hovering at least 100 feet above the ocean, and probably a mile+ away from me over the water, yet they were clearly massive and robust in build/structure. I'd dare to say bigger than our biggest commercial aircraft.

It was a little past 8pm. My daughters and I were walking on the Intracoastal Waterway side of the inlet. The sun was starting to set and there was a gorgeous display of neon pinks and oranges and yellows on the clouds. The moon was bright. The backdrop of the sky had a rainbow effect.

I had my Professional grade Nikon camera with me, as well as my phone, taking photos of the sky out over the dunes towards the ocean side of the beach, when I noticed a strange steel gray/blue shape that stood out between the oranges and pinks of the clouds. Initially I thought it was a space in the clouds, and that it would move momentarily as the clouds drifted by on the wind. It didn't move. I locked my eyes on the shape as more of it appeared out of the clouds (again, it didn't move. The clouds were moving at a decent rate). That's when I realized there were 2. The first one I noticed was closer, and far more exposed than the second, which hovered to the left and back away from the first one. They were still and unmoving. As I wrapped my mind around what I was seeing it hit me what I was looking at. With my eyes still locked, snapping photos as I moved, I ran through the dunes and back out onto the oceanside, never blinking or moving my gaze off these things. And once I got to the water's edge there was no denying what they were.

I could see the wings, the scooped hull, the lights, the massive body and gray steel color. Aircraft like I'd never imagined before. And they were right there in broad daylight hovering over a beach crawling with tourists.

The look on my face as I stared up at them caught the attention of MANY of the other beachgoers. Families with their children, elderly couples, another mother with her son, all tuned in and finally saw what I was seeing. There was mild panic as many rushed off the beach, but I stayed there determined to see what these things would do.

And just like that, as if they'd realized a decent amount of us had noticed them, THEY VANISHED. To be clear, I know for a 100% fact they were still right there. They have an active camoflauge they use to blend in with the sky, like a cloak or shield, and they activated it once they realized they'd been spotted. There is no other good explanation.

Total time between when I initially spotted them, and when they finally "vanished", was about 12 minutes. But I've seen these things for years. My family has seen these things since before I was alive. And just based on what I know about them, I KNOW they were still there. And I waited with my daughters for another hour to try and see if the lights of those ships would once again make an appearance. They didn't. At least not while I was there.

My father is the one who advised me to report this. And here's why.

My father has been closer to one of these than I was that night the lights appeared right over us at the inlet. But this happened at night. My entire family and every local I've ever spoken to about these things has always said they only appear at night. All the reddit threads and local posts I've read about these lights say they ALWAYS appear at night. ONLY at night. So upon telling my father that they were out and clearly visible in broad daylight he strongly encouraged me to reach out to the government BECAUSE if they went from being discreet and cautious about appearing only at night, to full blown daylight appearances over a crowded beach, SOMETHING might be about to happen. Something bad.

I've always thought, having watched them so many times throughout the years, that they were looking for something. Why else would they stay over this 4-5 mile stretch of beach, and for decades at that? Why else would they continuously range above the waters surface, back up into the sky, and then down again? They have to be looking for something. Nothing else makes sense.