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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/15/2018 00:00 (Entered as : 11-15-2018 0:00)
Reported: 6/18/2019 3:10:40 AM 03:10
Posted: 6/20/2019
Location: Pasco, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
Pinkish colored jellyfish like craft with cat like humanoid aliens that can cloak themselves and are still here!

My story is a long one so brace yourself...

It started with my wall in the bedroom pushing inward like a distorted bubble I started filming it and was completely freaked out, I sent the video shortly after by email to a couple people but they said they didn't receive them. Then later that evening there was a fog like mist in my home that had something floating in the air I was baffled and called the maintenance guy to come and check things out but he had no explanation. The next night is when I actually saw the craft and them! A friend of mine came to stay over and while she was asleep I noticed the fog again, next thing I know my dog runs in freaked out then ran back outside I was baffled so I went out looking for her and that's when it happened I opened the sliding glass door there were 5 large ones out there and their craft was overhead. It looked almost like a giant pinkish jelly fish. I apparently startled them, because I could see them, the one closest to me was at first maybe 4 feet tall and then it quickly stood up or could make itself grow to 6 foot. It came right up to me there were 2 others holding my dog and 2 more standing out in my lawn. I quickly grab the closest thing I could which happened to be a broom and I went out to chase them to get them to let go of my dog, but they weren't alone, they had what I can only assume is their version of pets because a small one jumped on my dog and guided her/road her over to the gate and under it. Just as fast as I ran out there to beat'em with the broom they disappeared. I ran back in the house and went to wake my friend but got the scare of my life I ran down the hallway rounded the corner to the bedroom, yelling to my friend "they took my dog we have to go get her" and then there one stood. I was startled and it also seemed startled and surprised that I could see it, it moved quickly into the bathroom I chased after it and there were 3 more in the shower ALSO shocked that I could see them, then poof they were g! one.

The room were my friend was sleeping was filled with that fog like substance, it was filled with what looked like animal hair with what I can only describe as long pieces of murky colored confetti, it was very strange. I'm not sure for what reason why they seemed surprised I could see them the only thing I can "assume" is that breathing that stuff in and/or getting it in your eyes that you can't see them...I wear contacts and had been using eye drops from the first time that I noticed that foggy gunk because it messed with my contacts. I don't know how long my friend had been breathing that stuff but she didn't see anything. And of course they had cloaked themselves after the knew I saw them.

So my friend, being the best friend she can, drove me around looking for my dog. I think she thought I was losing it cause she wouldn't let me drive. LOL As we drove around I saw several of the little ones at different peoples houses around the neighborhood, my friend couldn't see them, course she was driving and probably mad cause it was around 2 A.M. We didn't spot my dog anywhere so we finally went back to the house it was probably around 3 A.M. I was trying to explain everything that had happened but she didn't believe me and that it was "All in my head". So now I'm finally winding down (with the lights and T.V. ON!) I saw movement on the wall in front of my bed...

Imagine any science fiction movie you've seen out there where someone has the ability to "go invisible" for movie reasons, so we the audience, can see where they are going we would see the ripple effect. Take Harry Potter movies for instance he had the "cloak of invisibility" but we as the audience could see him, that's the movement I saw coming towards me from the wall. I actually reached my hand out to touch it when it finally came up next to the bed. This was not like the ones I had seen earlier it was more like a lion type e.t. This one actually calmed me for some reason I wasn't afraid of it I could feel the the hair and whiskers on it and even feel it breathing.

Needless to say my friend was out cold and I watch one hovering over her putting it's nose up close to hers and then these little feelers came out of its nose and were touching her face. I did try to tell her what I was seeing but she just said "Uh huh okay" and right back to sleep.

Since November they have been here and still are, it was hell for a couple of months because there were several of them here I could not go in any part of my home without seeing their cloaked silhouette. Night time was the worst because there were several in my bedroom hovering over my bed for weeks I was tormented by them. I tried everything I could think of to get them to leave but they wouldn't. I felt so alone cause I couldn't tell my friends or family cause they'd all think I was nuts! So I suffered alone for a couple of months, it really sucked. They are still here just not as many. I decided to go ahead and tell my story this way because I'm not able to share it with the people I love.

These E.T.'s aren't from up above like one would think they are from deep within our planet. They are all cat like in some way, only the large ones they have a cat like head but walk upright like humans. They have this strange type outer "hair" that is almost like an automatic car wash brush when it's not moving that hangs off of them. They have the ability to erase videos and manipulate them. Before all my videos were erased I was able to show my friend one, the very first one I took, and half way through it there was this God awful screeching noise that gave me the most horrible pain in my head. I actually ended up going to the hospital the pain was so bad. Later that evening all but one of my videos were erased somehow. I didn't find that one until a few days later I had a follow up doctors appointment and showed it to him. You could see eyes looking back at me through my sliding glass door eye level with me. Later when I got home the video was gone!! So that's my story, at least my doctor tells me "he believes me" even if no one else does. I learned pretty quick that my friends and family are not people you can talk to about this kind of stuff. A couple of weeks ago my son and grandbaby came over and even with him feeling something pushing down on his shoulders he asked if there was something magnetic over where he was standing. I said, "No you want me to say what I think it is?" and I got the look and then the "Mom don't go there cause if you aren't okay to watch her I'll take her home" I just replied with "well just saying some strange things happen around here." I am a firm believer we are not alone I still have aliens popping in when every they want I can't stop them. But I have learned more about them over the last few months so I guess that's a good thing...maybe??