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Occurred : 6/25/2019 00:55 (Entered as : 6-25-2019 0:55)
Reported: 6/25/2019 10:50:44 AM 10:50
Posted: 6/27/2019
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:139 seconds
Visitor for the heaves before the Falcon Heavy 9 launch on June 25 2019

It was between 0020 and 0050. I was walking Mickler Beach that is located in Jackonville, Florida.

I was there because I was waiting to see the launch of Falcon Heavy 9 from Cape Canaveral at 230 am. While I was waiting for the launch to happen I was observing the stars, at the time there was no moon. I saw a couple of shooting stars and satellites. When out of the blue I saw this bright light coming from the northwest.

I was impressed so I pull my cellphone and started recording. It was moving strangely, I concluded that it was no plane or helicopter, because it didn't make any noises and it was just a bright intermittent bright light. after two minutes it looks like it went southeast extremely fast or it went up (I couldn't see it after).

I am sending this video to see what it was. I didn't come to any conclusion.

Thank you!

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness on two occasions, and he seemed to us to be quite serious-minded. PD))


Thank you so much for the response.
Well like I said in the report I was at the beach. Exactly Mickler Beach. Its located in the city of jacksonville, florida.

I was waiting for the rocket falcon heavy 9 launch at 230am on the 25th of June 2009.
I don't know why my celluphone didnt picked any stars. It was a clear beautiful night. Moonless for a couple of hours.

I was looking at the stars and stuff up there. When from the corner of my eye I sae a shooting star. When I looked the direction in disapeard. I SAW this very bright light.

Then I took my camera and started filming it. It was doing some crazy moves. And the thing that caught my attention was that it didn't have any directional lighta requeird by the FAA on any fying aircraft.

I can't tell what it was and like I said unfortunatly no stars where picked up on my celluphone SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E.

It was doing some crazy manouvers and all of the sudden it was gone. Took of like to the south east.

I was speech less. And all I have ia that video and unfortunatlly I was the only one at that beach.

Again thank you ao much for responding.

I wish it had reference points.

I saw a report like back in april 30 I thing andit looks like thiS guy saw something similar.