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Occurred : 7/3/2019 14:15 (Entered as : 7/3/19 14:15)
Reported: 7/8/2019 12:49:20 PM 12:49
Posted: 7/12/2019
Location: Honululu, HI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Twp triangular objects shoot vertically into the cloud and disappear

We were at Waikiki beach towards the southern end. Around 2.10 pm I saw a triangular object rise over the horizon on the northern side of the beach (airport side) and shoot vertically into a cloud. The cloud was relatively small and the object didnt fly out on the other side of the cloud. I told my wife who was siting alongside me what i just witnessed and both of us eagerly kept observing the cloud hoping to see the triangular object fly out. As we were trying to spot the object fly out again, a second similar triangular object shot out of the north horizon and disappeared in the same cloud vertically at a very high speed. since the airport is in the backdrop, I remember seeing a commercial airline take off around the same point in the horizon (norther part of the beach) much slowly as compared to the speed of these objects which atleast seemed to be atleast 5X times the speed of the airline. Both my and wife couldnt believe what we saw. I had my camera wit! h me that fished after the second object entered the cloud and started panning the horizon to spot them. After 5 mins or so, I saw two figher jets circling in the distance over the mountains and the clouds trying to look for something. I was able to take pictures of these jets which were possibly scrambled from the base nearby. The jets were twin engine/ tail jets and couldnt in my mind be mistaken with the objects I saw earlier. Another thing that was peculiar, that if the commercial airline jet that took off from the airport at 400+ miles an hour speed and these objects easily flew at 5 times plus speed, that implies that they flew supersonic but we didn't hear them making any sound.