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Occurred : 7/14/2019 22:26 (Entered as : 7/14/2019 22:26)
Reported: 7/14/2019 9:16:01 PM 21:16
Posted: 7/25/2019
Location: Monroe, GA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:3 minutes
It’s super bright and really fast

I was leaving my aunt’s house across town going home. I took my normal route. I was turning on the road before my neighborhood and I saw a bright light and the cars in front of me hit the break lights. I slowed down and saw something REALLY bright. It was too bright for headlights or helicopter or planes. I stopped tried to record it but my phone died instantly and my screen in my car went out at the same time because my music stopped. It wasn’t making any noise at all. My car didn’t die but everything just got weird. It was super bright and was hurting my eyes. I just was scared because it was just super bright, lighting up only my car and nothing around it. It moved towards town and then started turning up straight like a rocket but the light was still shining bright. I started to drive slowly towards home and then the real odd stuff happen it shot directly upward fast as hell! I wanted to tell my wife but I knew she would make fun of me. I’m not sure if! it had anything to do with it but my dog was standing starring really hard at my car which is definitely not him at all. Please tell me I’m not crazy.