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Occurred : 7/13/2019 21:00 (Entered as : 07/13/2019 21:00)
Reported: 7/17/2019 7:15:46 PM 19:15
Posted: 7/25/2019
Location: Arlington, VT
Shape: Light
Bright white,star- like,moving and stopping over Southwestern Vermont,changing course easily

On Sat evening July 13 2019 my husband and I were at our home sitting in chairs in front of the house facing East at 8:45pm. We could see the moon to the East South East, and it was big but not yet full. It was bright. The sky was dark blue. There were no stars visable yet ,due to the still illuminated sky. At 8:57 I stared at the moon again, this time to see a bright star to the Right of it ( as seen in the video). It was so bright I thought it was a planet. Not knowing my stars, I just wondered. As I spent a minute looking…it started to travel to the Right (south) about the same distance it was from the moon. It only took 5 seconds to cover that distance. Then it dead stopped. It really caught my eye. My husband was now watching it. Then it moved Left , back to the original position. ( Video was taken after the movement) We decided to move inside the house at that point.

At 10:25 pm we thought we could find some other stars to look at. We grabbed a white painters cloth and laid it in the backyard , I brought my strong flashlight with me. The sky was black with many stars . Within 1 minute, we again saw a bright star (among many that were visible that night) We were facing the West on a slight incline in the yard. Our heads were higher than our feet on this slope. We were facing Ball Mountain. Within a minute , we found a bright star traveling from right to left.(north to south) Then it stopped. At this point I teased my husband and said,” hey lets call it over, maybe it can see us.” I waved the flashlight up and down and left and right about 5 times, immediately this star started moving in our direction (now it headed East). It traveled quickly and directly towards our part of the sky. When it got close , it stopped.

We were really frightened. I was sorry I flashed the light at it. We picked up the cloth and ran into the house. We did not go back outside. We did not speak about it. We do not know what we saw. We don’t want to know. – I do not think satellites change course like that. I don’t know if spy drones fly at night. I am unable to research this to my satisfaction. These flying stars were the brightness and size of a night time star. ( no trails, no other colors) If anyone can explain, we would be grateful.